Simply Meds Online has several notable advantages over other online Pharmacies. All product prices include free delivery, and free prescriptions, which is extremely rare in this industry. This is a UK registered and regulated Pharmacy.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

All advertisers should adhear to the MHRA Regulations for the promotion and advertising of medications.  The MHRA Blue Guide can be read here.

This guide includes specific guidance which covers;

  • Not mentioning specific drug/brand names of prescription medication
  • Not landing customers on specific prescription medication pages, i.e landing them on a category or home-page.
  • Not making untrue, or false claims as to a drugs performance
  • Not providing any guidance or instructions on the use of prescription medication in adverts

We invite all advertisers to read and understand the guidance regards advertising prescription medication, before undertaking in this affiliate programme.  

Note that any completed sale, where a voucher code is used, will be paid at the lowest commision rate of 10% (10 percent).