Audible believe in the power of voice to bring stories, ideas and characters to life. Audible has an extensive catalogue, with the world's largest selection of titles for millions of listeners to enjoy.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

14 Days


Following the IAB Code of Conduct for Voucher Code usage, affiliates should use and monetise voucher codes only with Audible’s permission.


Affiliates are NOT permitted to 

  • Bid on any brand terms, e.g. ‘Audible’ or on the trademark Audible,, (or variations) upon any search engine in the UK, Ireland & worldwide
  • Bid or appear on our brand searches,misspellings,extended or hybrid brand searches or derivates of ‘Audible’
  • Operate domains containing trademarks or misspellings of the Audible trademark
  • Site frame the Audible landing page
  • Use, or any variations as display URL
  • Send traffic directly through automatic redirects on a website page
  • Perform Cookie Surfing,Cookie dropping,Spyware or Parasiteware practices or Forced clicks

To avoid any broad match issues affiliates have to add Audible & audiblebooks as a negative broad match within their PPC campaigns

Terms are applicable on any ad platform.

Any affiliate found infringing on these terms may face suspension from the programme.