Shark: Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, Upright Vacuum Cleaners & Steam Mops. Shark are committed to positively impacting people’s lives every day in every home around the world through innovative 5 star customer rated products that make life easier.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Please ensure that you comply with the below guidelines from the Advertising Standards Authority.

Voucher Codes

Voucher codes promoted must be provided through the Shark Clean Affiliate Window program. Vouchers are given on both a global and individual basis. Any voucher given on an individual basis must not be used/given to other affiliates on the network. Voucher Codes are valid only at

Closed PPC policy

No direct PPC is permitted for this program.  Additionally no sponsored links/PPC ads that use the company’s name Shark Clean, variations, misspellings or derivates as a keyword or part of a key phrase on any search engine or as a display url. 

Stock Status Crawlers

Real-time product trackers, stock finder sites or any of a similar nature, are not allowed on the Shark or Ninja affiliate program

De-duplication Policy & Best Practice

Shark Clean de-duplicates all sales.

Shark Clean agrees, wherever possible, to provide affiliates with reasonable notice period on any significant changes to the campaign.

Please do not register url’s similar to Shark Clean without the merchant’s consent. Shark Clean welcomes the opportunity to work with all affiliate types except software application affiliates.  Affiliates must supply a working url in order to be accepted onto the program.

Please do not use competitor names to send traffic to the merchant’s site.

Total Digital are pleased to inform you that they comply with the IAB AMC’s Ethical Merchant Charter and that this document has been written in accordance with this.

We place a great deal of importance in working closely with our affiliates. If you would like anything specific such as a custom graphic, to discuss any bespoke promotional opportunities or any aspect of the program please do not hesitate in contacting me.