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30 Days


Terms & Conditions of Sale Summary

1. Introduction

  • These conditions apply to product sales via our website.
  • Agreement to these terms is required before ordering.
  • Statutory consumer rights remain unaffected.

2. Interpretation

  • "We" refers to NADAID, and "you" refers to our customers.

3. Order Process

  • Product advertisement is an invitation to treat, not an offer.
  • A contract is formed when we accept your order after you follow the specified steps, including payment via our service provider.

4. Products

  • Available products: NAD+ Home Subq Injection Kits.

5. Prices

  • Prices are listed on our website and include VAT.
  • Prices may change but will not affect confirmed contracts.

6. Payments

  • Payment is due during the checkout process.
  • Various payment methods are accepted.
  • Failure to pay may result in order cancellation or withholding of products.
  • Unjustified charge-backs incur fees and recovery costs.

7. Deliveries

  • Delivery policies are outlined in our delivery document.
  • Products will be delivered to the specified address, aiming for prompt delivery within 30 days of payment.

8. Cancellation Rights

  • Consumers can cancel within 14 days of receiving the product without reason.
  • Cancellations require returning the product at your cost for a full refund, with some exceptions.

9. Warranties and Representations

  • You confirm your eligibility and accuracy of provided information.
  • We assure product quality, satisfaction, and as described sales.

10. Liability Limitations

  • Exclusions apply to death, fraud, or as law permits.
  • Liability is limited to direct losses and capped at the contract value.

11. Order Cancellation

  • We may cancel for non-payment or breach; you may cancel for our breach.
  • Effects of cancellation include ending obligations and retaining rights under certain sections.

12. Consequences of Order Cancellation

  • Obligations cease except for necessary payments and rights under specific sections.

13. Scope

  • These terms do not affect intellectual property rights or service provisions unrelated to product sales.

14. Variation

  • Terms may be updated and will apply to future contracts.

15. Assignment

  • We can transfer our rights and obligations; you cannot without consent.

16. No Waivers

  • Breach waivers require written consent and do not imply future waivers.

17. Severability

  • Illegal provisions are severable without affecting the remainder.

18. Third Party Rights

  • These terms benefit only you and us, not enforceable by third parties.

19. Entire Agreement

  • These terms constitute the full agreement, superseding prior discussions.

20. Law and Jurisdiction

  • Governed by Scots law, with exclusive jurisdiction in Scotland.

21. Statutory and Regulatory Disclosures

  • Terms are in English, with changes not filed for each user.

22. Our Details

  • Owned by NADAID LTD, based in the UK. Contact details provided for further communication.