PAYNTR GOLF’s footwear accessories have been built to enhance the performance of the golfer, focusing on how the golfer achieves more speed through better traction.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

PAYNTR GOLF look to work with publishers who fit with our demographic and will represent our brand to the highest standards. This will continually be assessed and publishers will be contacted to review our partnership if we believe the high standards are not being met.


Email and Social Media

  • All email marketing promoting PAYNTR GOLF must be approved in writing by PAYNTR GOLF before being sent out by affiliates.
  • Affiliates looking to promote PAYNTR GOLF on social media channel, paid or organically, must be approved in writing by PAYNTR GOLF before publishing.


Voucher Policy

  • PAYNTR GOLF is not a discount brand and affiliate messaging should be consistent with the brand messaging. Affiliate must only use voucher codes that have been provided by PAYNTR GOLF and for affiliate use only.
  • The use of vouchers for other affiliates or not for affiliate use is prohibited.
  • Expiration dates and any restrictions or conditions applicable to the voucher must be clearly shown and any expired vouchers must be removed from the site.
  • At this time, we are only looking to work with closed networks with regards to discount voucher codes.



  • Creative in the affiliate window cannot be altered by affiliates.



  • Copy must be requested from PAYNTR GOLF for use.


Please note – this programme operates with a 7 day closure notice period to add terms and conditions content