Dr. Talbot’s is a family wellness brand established in the United States in 2011. Our vision is to offer the best naturally inspired wellness products that help parents look after their children in better, more effective ways.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Dr Talbots Terms and Conditions

The Dr Talbots affiliate programme is open to all affiliate types, apart from those that could be deemed as damaging to the Dr Talbots brand and Dr Talbots will make that decision on a case-by-case basis, by way of its application process. 

Dr Talbots has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 

Any affiliate promoting the Dr Talbots brand must do so in a positive manner, or you may be removed from the programme. 

Dr Talbots will use a 30-day cookie validation for any affiliate commission and is paid at a 60-day period.

Dr Talbots uses tracking on a last click basis and only pays commission on completed orders that are not returned to the business. 

Dr Talbots also uses deduplication of orders and won't pay out commission for any duplication or for any orders placed by the affiliates themselves. 

Dr Talbots also prohibits the following activity and will not pay commission to any affiliates engaging in this. 

- Using masked URL's or taking a copy of the Dr Talbots website and placing it into frames. 

- Using any techniques that could be deemed as passing off, so for instance, setting up your website to be a replica of the Dr Talbots one, using Dr Talbots logos as a way of confusing the consumer, using any registered trademarks without Dr Talbotss prior consent, using any misspellings or variations of the brand name Dr Talbots. 

Paid Media and CSS Affiliates 

- Brand bidding and brand variation bidding is prohibited.

- Use of ad copy with the brand name is prohibited.

- Direct linking is prohibited as part of this programme.

- Product feeds are available on the AWIN platform.

Voucher Code and Cash Back Sites 

We only work with cashback and voucher sites on an exclusive basis for a time limited period. If you are a voucher of cashback site then please get in touch with our agency partner contact

Dr Talbots reserve the right to remove any affiliate at any time, if they feel that they don't meet the terms and conditions of the affiliate programme, or they are not promoting the brand in a positive and ethical manner.