Winfields is an outdoor superstore boasting an excellent range of outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories. We stock brands such as Regatta, Vango, Jack Wolfskin and more both online and across its UK stores.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


  • Affiliates may not alter the creative or text links provided through the interface without prior approval.
  • Affiliates are requested not to hard code creative banners so updates are immediate.

Voucher Codes

  • Affiliates may only use voucher codes provided directly through the AWIN interface
  • We reserve the right to decline commisions obtained through non-authorised voucher codes
  • Voucher codes must be accompanied by their terms and expiry date where appropriate


  • Brand bidding is strictly prohibited on the program including misspells & the use of hybrid terms. 

Affiliate Approvals

  • Affiliates are checked for suitability and require a working URL before approval.

On-site Phone Number

  • This is for customer service purposes only and not for sales.