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Travelzoo (US & Canada)

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Travelzoo is a global Internet media company and trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals. Our Travelzoo Deal Experts research, evaluate and test thousands of deals to find those with true value.

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United States of America


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14 Days


Use of Travelzoo and brand attributes

Travelzoo reserves the right to remove any affiliates from the program if they are seen to:

  • Impose as Travelzoo or any subsidary of our brand in any communication across any platform
  • Force cookies on to users in any way
  • Mislead customers through inaccurate communications
  • Alter our content or manipulate any form of assets/creative
  • Continually promote out of date content
  • Promote Travelzoo content within a site that has any connection with the subjects highlighted under the 'Affiliate Sites' section of the General Terms
  • Promote Travelzoo content that Travelzoo doesn't want to share with any affiliates
  • Describe Travelzoo inaccurately
  • Be seen not to co-operate with Travelzoo's  Paid Search Activity restrictions outlined in 'Paid Search Activity & Cookies' section of the General Terms
  • Promote Travelzoo content over a 3rd party or internal network without Travelzoo’s knowledge. Travelzoo must sanction any further distribution of content prior
  • Travelzoo must always be written as 'Travelzoo', not as 'Travel zoo' or 'TravelZoo', or any other combinations