Etsy's affiliate program offers content creators the opportunity to earn commission for sharing one-of-a-kind items from Etsy's global marketplace with your audience. Join the program today to get paid doing what you love!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Who is eligible for Etsy’s Affiliate Program?

Etsy offers a unique array of products that appeal to a wide range of audience. All affiliates are welcome to apply, however, certain profiles are not eligible for the program at this time, including cashback and voucher code sites. As of March 2018, affiliates may only post affiliate links on social media feeds they operate, such as Instagram or Twitter. Affiliate links are prohibited on some social sharing sites, such as Pinterest, and Tumblr. For full details on eligibility, read our Affiliate Program Terms of Use.

Please note that we also have programs in Canada (CA), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), France (FR), Germany (DE), and the Netherlands (NL). Affiliates should only apply to their specific country program. Commissions will be rewarded no matter what country the sale was made in. There is also an 'EU' and 'Rest of World' account, available to those with no country-specific program to join.


Etsy Sellers

Etsy sellers are eligible for the Affiliates Program but are not eligible to earn commission on sales from their own shops or from closely related shops. Closely related shops are shops in which an Etsy seller has a financial interest or that have a material connection, such as a shared bank account or credit card, with the seller's own shop. This is a wonderful opportunity to earn commission from showcasing other Etsy shops and embracing and discussing the Etsy community at large.


To be eligible for our Affiliates Program, you must:

  • Declare the names of any Etsy shops you own or are closely related to (if applicable) to Etsy’s Affiliate team via email;
  • Inform Etsy’s Affiliate team via email of any Etsy shops you register or become involved in after becoming an approved affiliate.
  • Etsy’s Affiliate team can be reached at the following email address:


For the full terms please read here.