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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

3 Days

Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions

Merchant ID: 6166



The following definitions apply throughout:




Warehouse Aquatics (Merchant ID: 6166)


Referred to as “Warehouse Aquatics”, “we”, “us” and “our” throughout the terms.

“Affiliate” or “Publisher”

The owner/manager of a website who advertises the merchant in the form of site links to the merchant site.


Referred to as “you”, “your”, “yours” throughout the terms.

“Customer” or “User”

Any entity that is referred by the affiliate party to the above named merchant website.

Affiliate Agreement

This agreement contains the full terms and conditions of the affiliate programme. 

By submitting your request to join the programme you are agreeing that you have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions outlined within this agreement.

Warehouse Aquatics reserves the right to change and amend these terms at any point throughout the agreement, giving notice through the programme profile or through news emails. Warehouse Aquatics will give a period of seven (7) days’ notice of any changes to the terms.


To register onto the affiliate programme, you must submit your request to do so via the Darwin interface. We reserve the right to approve or reject any request at our absolute discretion. We will evaluate your suitability to our brand and programme and approve or reject based on this evaluation. We may reject your application to join the programme if your website contains images or content that is deemed unacceptable to Warehouse Aquatics, or if it contains illegal, immoral, defamatory, harmful, threatening, obscene, or objectionable materials.


We reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason at our absolute discretion, giving notice to you in writing. At this point you must cease all promotional activity and remove any links to Warehouse Aquatics from your site. You may not be entitled to any unpaid commissions for conversions made after the termination of this agreement.

Warehouse Aquatics will give a minimum of seven (7) days’ notice of intent to terminate the agreement; except in cases where these terms have been breached, or fraudulent activity is suspected. In the event of fraud or other criminal activity, we reserve the right to suspend you from the programme without notice, and/or terminate this agreement with immediate effect.

Upon termination of this agreement you will lose all rights to use intellectual property including but not limited to domain names, text, images, banners or any other creative supplied to you by us. Where you have created text, banners or any other promotional material on behalf of Warehouse Aquatics, you are required to destroy these materials.


Outstanding commissions will be verified within 28 days of the transaction. VAT and delivery charges are excluded from order values and therefore commission will not be paid on these values.

Commission is not paid where any order is returned or cancelled by the customer within the 28 day validation period. If a customer returns part of an order a batch amendment will be made and an amended commission value will be paid based on the new transaction value. Warehouse Aquatics will not verify duplicate orders.

The following commission structure applies to the affiliate programme:

Commission Structure

Commission Rate

Default Level (standard commission rate)


Value of sale is equal to or more than £60GBP


Value of sale is equal to or more than £200GBP


Warehouse Aquatics may offer incentivised commission increases throughout the agreement. Incentivised commission rates will need to be agreed exclusively between the merchant and the publisher. Warehouse Aquatics reserves the right to make changes to the commission groups at any time, giving seven (7) days’ notice of planned changes.


Warehouse Aquatics de-dupes against other marketing channels including but not limited to search and email marketing, as well as some advertising.


Warehouse Aquatics does not allow any search marketing as part of the programme except in circumstances where an agreement has been made exclusively between the merchant and the publisher.


You are authorised to promote any voucher codes(s) solely provided by Warehouse Aquatics as part of the programme. Each voucher code will have instructions for use, distribution and redemption by the customer. These instructions should be clearly displayed on your site. Each voucher code will include an expiry date after which point it is invalid and must be removed from your site. Each voucher code’s expiry data should clearly be displayed.

Orders redeeming voucher codes that have been distributed through other marketing channels will not be accepted through the affiliate programme. Commission for any order using an unauthorised voucher code will not be validated.


You will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred in the maintenance and marketing of the programme; included but not limited to creations, hosting, modifications, improvements to your site, internet marketing, inserting our links onto your site, offline marketing costs, postage, and all other expenses incurred by you. You hereby hold Warehouse Aquatics harmless from or against the same.


Warehouse Aquatics makes no representation regarding the potential income from participation in the programme and disclaims any and all warranties to earning potential from the programme based on our index score.


You will be obligated to place links onto your site directing visitors to or other variable links to the site. We will make available links including but not limited to banners and text links for use on your site. Any link is provided for the purpose of promoting our site across your site. If your participation in our programme is terminated by either party, you are required to immediately cease the use of such links and other materials. You are not authorised to modify any link provided through the affiliate network.


We will be responsible for any customer query, orders, billing, shipping, and collecting from customers placing orders through the affiliate programme. We reserve the right to change and amend our product prices or start and/or discontinue special offers at any time without notice.

Warehouse Aquatics will have no obligation to provide you with any specific information relative to any customer or order.

Warehouse Aquatics will not be held responsible for the failure to assign any sale or commission to you.


Any party placing an order through Warehouse Aquatics regardless of their journey to the site are deemed as our customers.  We reserve the right to contact these customers in the future including but not limited to marketing offers and promotions. You will have no right to commissions for any subsequent order placed by these customers, except where subsequent orders have been tracked through the affiliate network from your site.


You will have non-exclusive use of logos and copyrighted material that has been solely provided through the affiliate programme. You may not distribute, reproduce, modify or amend these materials in any way unless solely and exclusively authorised by Warehouse Aquatics.

You are not authorised to use any other materials, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, copyrights or other materials that are provided by any other party which may appear on our website.


Warehouse Aquatics cannot guarantee any product availability, or the term of any price or special promotion.


In the event that any information is disclosed to you through your participation in the programme, you agree to hold such information in the strictest of confidence and will not disclose such information to any other party or use this information for your own purposes.