THE 28TH ROSE is a premium Australian fashion brand that creates classic and elegant wardrobe pieces with a modern twist.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

All affiliates are required to adhere to IAB and THE 28TH ROSE Terms and Conditions.

THE 28TH ROSE reserves the right not to honour any commissions that have been generated in a fraudulent or dishonest manner. Any affiliate found to be acting in a fraudulent or dishonest manner faces immediate expulsion, with any pending commissions withheld.

Our partners may only display and/or otherwise utilise or make available vouchers that THE 28TH ROSE have explicitly released for their individual sites use or a generic code with prior approval. Any partner found displaying or promoting voucher codes not provided for their use will not be remunerated for sales driven off the back of any misused voucher codes. We ask that partners make clear in their terms and conditions in particular in regards to cashback that any misused codes will warrant in their cashback being declined.