Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd

Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd

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At Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags, we are truly passionate about bringing the finest quality luggage products to our customers. We manufacture & sell our own items, so we can offer the best prices available on the market!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

PPC Policy

The following terms cannot be used in any PPC marketing in the form of phrase, broad or exact matches.

Travel Luggage Cabin Bags, Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags, Travel Luggage and Cabin Bags.

To avoid any doubt, we ask that you add these terms into your negative keywords exact match terms to your paid search account(s).

Commission Eligibility

Commissions are paid on the total order amount minus VAT and Delivery Charges.

Voucher Codes

Voucher code tracking is not currently set up, this will be looked into after the launch of the programme. We will not pay any comissions on voucher codes used which we have created for our own promotions.