Summary is the UK's no.1 property marketplace where both owners and professionals advertise property. The first UK website to verify all of its advertisers is the safest place to find listings from landlords & homeowners.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

3 Days

The House Shop is a free to list service and offers a range of different ways that you can earn a commission;

PROPERTY ADVERTISERS (property listings)

We pay our affiliates a fixed fee for sending private property advertisers to who go on to create a property advert.

£4.00 paid for each private landlord who creates a verified property listing 
£4.00 paid for each private seller who creates a verified property listing

16% commission on Tenant Referencing (net price paid after discount)


PPC Policy

We are happy for affiliates to undertake generic PPC campaigns – however brand bidding on ‘The House Shop’ or similar terms is not allowed.

Voucher/discount sites

10% on tenant referencing with the code AWN102019

Affiliate found to be inferring that discount/offer codes are available will be removed from the program.


Affiliates are encouraged to promote The House Shop via display, there are a wide range of creatives available in the account and bespoke creatives can be provided on request.


Email creatives are available on request – please get in touch to request these.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss ways to promote The House Shop or if you have any promotions that you feel will work well