Ribble Cycles is an online cycling retailer who provide industry leading bikes, components & apparel to over 50 countries worldwide. We have nearly 20 years of online marketing experience & continue to provide the ultimate customer shopping experience.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Returns and Commission Payment

Ribble Cycles operates a 30 day returns policy, only after this period will the sale be classified valid and qualify for a commission. The 30 day returns window starts on the day the order is dispached. Orders fully returned or cancelled will be void of commission, part returns will be ammended.


Search Term Restrictions

These restrictions are including, but not limited to PPC (any search engine), AdWords, AdSense, Social Networks (any), content networks (any) and any other search network facility.

The following keywords, and variations and misspellings, are trademarks terms or targeted terms within our own search strategy. They cannot be referenced in your promotions as there would be the possibility they may compete against our own listings. 

  • Ribble
  • Ribble Cycles
  • Ribble Bikes
  • CSN
  • Endurance AL
  • Endurance SL disc
  • Endurance SL
  • Endurance SL R-Series
  • Endurance SL-e
  • Endurance 725
  • CGR Ti
  • CGR 725
  • CGR SL
  • CGR AL
  • Aero 883
  • Sportive Carbon
  • Sportiva
  • CX
  • R872
  • R872 Disc
  • Ultra Tri
  • Ultra TT
  • Ultra TTR
  • Gran Fondo
  • Evo Pro
  • 525 Steel
  • Audax
  • Hybrid AL-e Step Through 
  • CGR AL-e Step Through
  • Hybrid AL-e 
  • CGR AL-e

As mentioned, affiliates are not allowed to bid on variations or misspellings of these words either. 

Example: Rible, Ribbel Cycles, Buy Ribble Bike, Ribble Road Bike etc.

De-Duplication Policy

Ribble Cycles actively de-duplicate all sources of advertising. This includes:

  • Paid search adverts
  • Shopping/Price Comparison Engines
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Marketing


Cancelled / Part Orders 

Cancelled or part orders will be processed by Ribble Cycles and we will provide as much information as possible where we have to cancel transactions. Part orders will be fully paid out against the value of the remaining valid part orders.


Voucher Codes

Affiliates are only allowed to promote codes that have been distributed directly by Ribble Cycles or Affiliate Window. Affiliates can also promote voucher codes found on the Ribble Cycles website and Newsletters. All sales found with non-affiliate specific voucher codes used will be reviewed manually and could have their commission cancelled. Affiliates will not receive commission on any other channel exclusive promo codes, such as "Recommend a friend" (RAF) or Shop5. Cashback affiliates will not receive commission where a vouchercode is used.


Shopping / Price Comparison Engines

Affiliates are not permitted to appear on any of the shopping/price comparison sites that are listed below:

  • Kelkoo
  • Ciao
  • Shopzilla
  • NexTag
  • Price Grabber


Product Feed

Affiliates will be entitled to use the Ribble Cycles product feed on their own sites for promotion of the brand. The feed is not to be edited and uploaded to any 3rd party price comparison or shopping engine. 

The product feed will be updated daily, however all prices are subject to change within a business day.


Ad Copy Restrictions

Affiliates are not permitted to use any of the following brand names in their ad copy or display URLs:

Ribble, Ribble Cycles, CSN 


Domain Restrictions

Affiliates are not permitted to include any of our brand names in their URLs. 

Example:,, etc.

Affiliates found to be including Ribble, Ribble Cycles or CSN in their domain names will be in breach of the program guidelines and may be removed from the program. 


Gift Vouchers

Ribble Cycles will not pay out commission on sale where a gift voucher is used to pay.


Notice of Changes to Program Terms and Conditions

Ribble Cycles reserve the right to change any of these program terms, conditions and restrictions at any time, without prior notice.