TalkTalk Business Broadband

TalkTalk Business Broadband

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The UK's leading value for money provider of fixed line broadband and voice telephony services to consumers and business users.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



URL and ad copy restrictions:
Affiliates must not use the TalkTalk brand or any derivatives within the URL unless agreed with TalkTalk.

Deep Linking:

Affiliates can deeplink into the TalkTalk pages. We do however suggest you check tracking with your network and confirm the best pages to link to. Please also refer to the Deeplink Builder tool under Linking Methods in your Management Area. TalkTalk is not responsible for sales lost through incorrect deeplinking.

Branding Guidelines:
You must follow TalkTalk’s brand guidelines at all times. Please ask the Affiliate network account manager for details.

Creative Restrictions:
Affiliates must use creative supplied directly through the network or by TalkTalk directly. Any banners being used must be served from the network and not hardcoded into the site.

Use of email:
Affiliates are only permitted to distribute emails on behalf of TalkTalk provided they have received express permission from TalkTalk before doing so. All copy must be approved and email lists de-duped. Affiliates can send users details of TalkTalk within their own newsletters without approval or permissions granted as long as TalkTalk is not the main subject of the email. The Affiliate must obtain appropriate marketing consents before sending emails to consumers.

Copy and Legal Compliance:

The Affiliate shall comply with all instructions and guidelines TalkTalk or the network may issue from time to time in respect of the presentation and/or display of marketing communications. The Affiliate must correct any errors immediately and at its own expense. The Affiliate must remove any copy or marketing immediately on the request by TalkTalk or the network.
Affiliates must only use copy that is provided by TalkTalk through the networks. Copy of the TalkTalk website can be used but must be monitored daily to ensure it is up to date.

It is the Affiliates responsibility to ensure they accurately promote TalkTalk’s products and services.
You must comply with the website terms on TalkTalk in your use of that website.