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F1 Authentics US - Memento Exclusives

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F1® Authentics is the authority of Formula 1® memorabilia, and the first of its type, providing incredible products straight from the racetrack, offering fans of the sport unrivalled authenticity.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Intellectual Property Rights 

Affiliates are expected to honour the intellectual property rights held by or licensed to F1 Authentics and its affiliated entities including BG Sports Enterprises Limited, trading as Memento Exclusives. These rights encompass trademarks and service marks, copyright and related rights, trade names and domain names, rights to goodwill, rights to use in cases of passing off, as well as rights to confidential information. Should an affiliate breach these rights, F1 Authentics reserves the right to terminate their enrollment in the program and may hold back any commissions that would otherwise be payable to the affiliate. 

F1 Authentics requires that preliminary proofs of any content set to appear in offline and on-line communications, including but not limited to press campaigns, be submitted for approval and that such approval be received from F1 Authentics before content is issued. 


Paid Search Activity 

F1 Authentics enforces a strict policy concerning Paid Search Activity. Affiliates are restricted from utilising specific keywords in any paid search campaigns connected to the program. These keywords encompass: 

  • Brand-related: F1 Authentics
  • Variations of the brand: for example, F1 Authentics Memorabilia, F1 Authentics Collectibles
  • Misspellings: for instance, F1 Authentix, F1 Authenticss
  • Other affiliated brands: Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Haas, Alpha Tauri, Williams, Pirelli, Force India, Lotus, Racing Point, Renault, Sauber. 

Affiliates must abstain from appearing in search results for the prohibited keywords across all advertising platforms, including search engines, content networks, and social media ad placements. To gain clarity on adherence, please reach out to james.plester@mementoexclusives.com. 

To avert broad matchTo avert broad matching issues, affiliates are obliged to include [F1, F1 Authentics, Memento Exclusives] as negative keywords in all paid search campaigns. Furthermore, the usage of F1 Authentics' trademark in paid search, whether within ad text, title, or display URLs, is prohibited. If you believe this limitation hampers your promotional endeavours and necessitates reconsideration, kindly engage with the account management team. 

Affiliates must also refrain from using display URLs implying any association with F1 Authentics, such as www.affiliatexyz.com/F1AuthenticDeals


Domain Name Restrictions 

Affiliates are disallowed from registering domain names that bear resemblance to or cause confusion with the F1 Authentics brand, inclusive of misspelled variants. 

Using any domain name owned by F1 Authentics for PPC linking necessitates explicit permission. 

Affiliates are barred from framing the F1 Authentics website or resorting to masked URLs. 



Affiliates are not authorised to alter any creative materials or text links accessible via the Affiliate Window interface. 

To prevent outdated content, affiliates should avoid hardcoding creatives into their websites. 


Product Feed 

F1 Authentics will furnish a daily data feed featuring the most current pricing through the Affiliate Window interface. An advanced data feed, updated at various intervals throughout the day, is available upon request. 

Affiliates are strongly advised to maintain the latest pricing information from F1 Authentics in their promotions. To discuss specific requirements or arrange for automatic feed reception, please liaise with the account management team. 



F1 Authentics employs additional tracking software that mandates inclusion for precise sale recording. 

It is recommended that affiliates derive links directly from the linking methods section within their account, encompassing banners, text links, or the F1 Authentics data feed. 

For guidance on tool utilisation, please engage with the account management team.  

Any violations of these terms will prompt communication from the F1 Authentics account team. 

Please note that non-compliance with or contravention of the terms and conditions may lead to commission rejections and programme suspension. In severe instances, F1 Authentics retains the right to promptly expel non-compliant affiliates from all F1 Authentics affiliate programs, with the reversal of any accrued commissions. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries.