GoGroopie is one of the UK’s leading daily deal websites. With fantastic product, service and travel deals, we draw an ever expanding audience. We pride ourselves on the design and friendliness of our website.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Affiliate Application Process

When applying to become a GoGroopie affiliate you agree that your website must be compatible with the GoGroopie brand, its identity, values and product types. Your website must also be honest, factually correct, and clear in promotional content and intent.

GoGroopie will not be accepting applications from publishers who intend to promote in channels where content is:
•    Not relevant to individuals from the UK
•    Offensive/Politically radical 
•    Gambling 
•    Portraying individuals in a discriminatory fashion
•    Illegal (Streaming of copyrighted material, torrents, etc) 
•    Erotic/Pornographic

Creative Policy

Affiliates may not alter any GoGroopie creative without written consent from the marketing team (
We do not make payment on post impression sales, forced clicks or for affiliates who send out paid email lists.

Valid and non-Refunded Purchases

We will only pay-out on purchases that are valid and have not-been refunded within a 30-day period. Any purchases that are later successfully refunded or cancelled for any valid reason, we reserve the right to not pay out to any source affiliate for those purchases.

Non-Commissionable Deals

From time to time we may run deals with no margin that we are unable to pay commission on. Sales for these deals will either be processed at 0% commission or will be declined post sale. Affiliates will be informed about these deals as far in advance as possible.

Publisher Restrictions

•    No Post-View (Only post click cookies)
•    No iFrame involvement
•    No Pop Under / Pop Up
•    No Site-Under
•    No Layer
•    No Scraping/Parsing of our website
•    No changing or masking of links
•    No direct-linking on the GoGroopie pages
•    NO SEM
•    No torrent traffic
•    No sub domains
•    No creation of fan pages with our brand name
•    No SEO using our brand name
•    No incentivized traffic (e.g. paid-mailer, bonus systems)
•    It is forbidden to use our offers, creatives or brand name in any case of competition or lottery.
•    Emailing restrictions
•    Do not use the Word “gogroopie” in the HTML, Image-Links, Destination Links, Image-Name, Mail Text
•    Images must be hosted by the partner
•    Emails must come from the partner and not GoGroopie E.g. “Partner Name Recommends:”

 Mobile Restrictions

•    No Mobile Aggregating Sites
•    No scraping of
•    No placements in restricted content (See above)
•    All 3rd party traffic must be approved by GoGroopie. Failure to seek approval may result in cancelation of sales and suspension from the programme.
•    Affiliate tracking is only 100% guaranteed on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Upon initial click through to GoGroopie, there will be a pop-up sign up banner. On this banner there will be the option to click on 'already registered?' which will direct them to the site without having to sign up.

VAT is excluded from sale value.

The violation of any of these restrictions may lead to the cancelation of any generated sales as well as removal from the programme.