Damart offer a stylish range of ladies clothing and accessories for every occasion, as well as a world-renowned innovative and stylish thermal range, plus footwear, lingerie, menswear and homeware!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Current Voucher Codes

You may only promote affiliate authorised voucher codes, these can be found on the ‘discount vouchers’ section on Affiliate Window.

Promoting Voucher Codes

It is not permitted for affiliates to promote codes that are not issued via the affiliate channel. Any affiliate found to be promoting a non authorised code on their site will have the relevant transaction declined.

Validations of sales where a voucher code has been used

In order to help monitor affiliate use of voucher codes, Damart have implemented Affiliate Window’s voucher code tracking. This allows individual codes used within a transaction to be listed next to each order number.

Damart reserve the right to decline any sales that have been tracked with an unauthorised voucher code whether this code was promoted on the site or not.

What will you need to do?

Any affiliates promoting voucher codes must make sure they are displaying only the codes listed above as any other codes used in transactions may result in declined sales.

Terms and Conditions

All commissions offered are on UK sales and deliveries only.

Commission for online orders is paid on final transaction amount after all discounts have been applied.

Google CSS Shopping Activity

If you plan to use the Damart feed to run CSS shopping ads on Google, Bing or any other search engine then you must get in touch with

If you operate any ads in this channel without explicit agreement then sales maybe declined. 

If any activity is granted then partners must not appear on any search terms that include the brand name "Damart" or any variation as per the below policy on key words.

PPC Activity:


Affiliates are required to refrain from registering or bidding on our brand terms, or misspellings, on all search engine or like services. These terms include, but are not limited to:

  • "Damart"
  • “”
  • "Darmart"
  • "Demart"
  • "Danmart"
  • "Damark"
  • "Daymart"

Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on brand + voucher code terms. Bidding on generic product related terms is allowed.

Affiliates are asked to include brand and misspelling terms as negative keywords in all of their search engine marketing campaigns. This includes but is not limited to:

- Damart


Affiliates may not use any domain owned by Damart for PPC linking without express written permission. This includes but is not limited to and

Affiliates wishing to promote Damart through search engine marketing via a landing page should first contact the account management team to discuss this. PPC affiliates applying to the Damart programme without first discussing their promotion may find that their application is declined.

Affiliates are asked not to register domains which are similar or misspellings of Damart brand. Any activity of this kind on the campaign will result in commissions being declined.

Affiliates may not put the Damart website into frames or use masked URLs.


Any promotional and incentive offers and codes must be authorised through Affiliate Window. Use of unauthorised codes will result in non-payment of commission. Affiliate Window will be closely monitoring all voucher codes used in affiliate sales.

Affiliates found promoting unauthorised codes face immediate suspension from the programme. If you are unsure about which voucher codes you may promote please email


Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Affiliate Window interface.

Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites, so updates made to those available through Affiliate Window may take immediate effect.

In applying for the Damart programme you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Anyone found infringing on these terms will be immediately warned and may have commissions reversed. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time. Reactivation of your account will be decided on a case by case basis.


Damart are more than happy to consider offering private commissions and prizes for competitions. If you feel this is applicable to you, please contact the team to discuss further: