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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for applying to the Unineed Affiliate programme, please read the following terms and conditions of the programme. You must agree to them before your application to the programme goes through:



Unineed has a closed PPC policy. No search affiliates allowed. are not permitted to bid on any of Unineed Brand Name, URL, trademarked terms, including miss-spells of the trademarks. Examples: unineed, unineed ltd, etc.

No paid search activity is to be carried out on behalf of Unineed Ltd with prior consent from the Unineed affiliate programme management team. Direct linking is not allowed on this programme.

Any affiliate found to be in breach of these restrictions will forfeit commission and be removed from the programme.


Discount/Voucher Code 

Affiliates are only allowed to promote voucher codes and special offers that have been issued through Unineed Affiliate Programme. Any codes that are found to be displayed on sites that are non-approved will result in commissions being declined.

Unineed reserve the right to withhold payment of commission if unauthorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale.

Affiliates may only promote codes that are provided through the Unineed affiliate programme (either through our account or directly from Affiliate Manager).

Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorised codes may also have their commission set to zero until the code(s) are removed.

Where voucher codes are issued with an expiry date this should be clearly displayed, and codes should be removed or explicitly marked as expired after this date unless you are advised otherwise. Any affiliates displaying expired codes without marking them as being expired may be suspended from the programme.

6% commission


If you have any questions regarding to this programme, please contact the Unineed Team:


T: +44 (0) 141 427 4459