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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Terms and Conditions

All commissions offered are on UK sales only.

PPC Activity:


Affiliates are required to refrain from registering or bidding on our brand terms or any variations of ‘Swift Direct blinds including misspellings, on all search engine or like services.

The terms include, but are not limited to:

"Swift Direct Blinds"



Bidding on generic product related terms is allowed.


Affiliates may not use any domain owned by Swift Direct Blinds for PPC linking without express written permission. This includes but is not limited to and

Affiliates wishing to promote Swift Direct Blinds through search engine marketing via a landing page should first contact the account management team to discuss this. PPC affiliates applying to the Swift Direct Blinds programme without first discussing their promotion may find that their application is declined.

Affiliates are asked not to register domains which are similar or misspellings of the Swift Direct Blinds brand. Any activity of this kind on the campaign will result in commissions being declined.

Affiliates may not put the Swit Direct Blinds website into frames or use masked URLs.


Any promotional and incentive offers and codes must be authorised through Affiliate Window. Use of unauthorised codes will result in non-payment of commission. Affiliate Window will be closely monitoring all voucher codes used in affiliate sales.

Please note that no commission will be paid where a voucher code has been redeemed through a cashback site.

Please also note that voucher code sales whereby a vouchercode is redeemed will be awarded at 2%. All other sales will be rewarded with the standard 8%.

Affiliates found promoting unauthorised codes face immediate suspension from the programme.


Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Affiliate Window interface.

Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites, so updates made to those available through Affiliate Window may take immediate effect.

In applying for the Swift Direct Blinds programme you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Anyone found infringing on these terms will be immediately warned and may have commissions reversed. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time. Reactivation of your account will be decided on a case by case basis.