GUESS is about sexy, adventurous, trendsetting denim jeans, handbags, watches, apparel and accessories.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Website hyperlink

We authorize you as our representative affiliate to refer customers to the website by providing a hyperlink to it from your website.

You must comply with any reasonable directions we give you about the placement of banners, the hyperlink and text on your website. This authorization is non-exclusive and you are not our partner or employee.

You must not do anything in relation to the program that is not expressly authorized under this agreement. Specifically, you must not create any partnership or agency sales relationship with any other person in relation to the program.

Unless otherwise agreed, you do not have authority from us and you are prohibited from making or accepting any offers or representations on our behalf.


Remuneration Mechanics definitions

GUESS will pay you commission as follows:

  • Emailer Affiliate: 10% PPS
  • Gold Affiliate: 10% PPS
  • Premium Affiliate: 8% PPS
  • Private PV Affiliate: 9% PPS
  • Standard Affiliate Rate: 7,5% PPS

We may increase or reduce the percentage rate of commission depending on the results. If you do not agree to the change, you may terminate this agreement by giving us seven days notice in writing.


Banners and resources

We will make available website banners and technical support details and other web based resources to support your activities as our representative affiliate. You may use the banners and resources only to provide the hyperlink on your website that links to the website. You may only use the banners and resources in a way that's approved by us and you must not alter or tamper with the banners and resources in any way.



We may terminate this agreement immediately:

(a) if your website contains content or materials that in our absolute discretion causes or is likely to cause damage to our reputation; or

(b) if your website includes content that is false or misleading, obscene, promotes violence discrimination or illegal activities or infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party.

On termination of this agreement you are no longer authorised to act as our representative affiliate and you must immediately remove all banners and hyperlinks from your website and stop your activities in relation to the program.