Frugi - Organic Children's Clothing from Birth to 10 years old. Organic Clothing that is ethical, responsible and just good quailty for your kids

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United Kingdom


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30 Days


Terms and Conditions


The important thing to know is that if you become a Frugi affiliate, you can – without any risk – enjoy part of our phenomenal success. Our thriving affiliate program benefits from a high commission rate and frequent promotions to encourage greater conversions.

What do you get from being a Frugi Affiliate?

·         You will earn up to 8% commission on sales on directed from your site

·         Access to our entire product inventory via a Product Feed

·         Quick commission on payments

·         Support from the great Frugi sales/affiliate team

·         Branded Frugi banners for promotion

Text links and graphic banners can be found within the interface.

You can find out more about the Frugi affiliate scheme at:

To be part of the scheme you must make note of the following:

Approval of all new affiliate requests are handled manually and each site will be judged on content and relevance to the Frugi brand.

Affilates of the programme may only promote codes, offers and deals that are communicated via the affiliate channel.  Frugi may decline sales that are gained through promotion of an expired or unauthorized code, offer or deal.

Frugi are active in PPC advertising campaign so here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider, just so we don’t clash you understand!

8.00% on all verified purchases from new Frugi customers
4.00% on all verified purchases from existing Frugi customers
3.00% on all verified purchases via voucher code websites


Some do’s

Of course you can bid on generic keywords such as baby clothing, girl’s tops etc.

Negatively bid on "Frugi" and “cut4cloth” so as not to appear under brand term searches.

And the don’ts

Please do not link directly to our website (, or use a URL redirect to take the customer directly to our site from a PPC advert.

Don’t bid on the keyword ‘Frugi’ or any misspelling of ‘Frugi’ for instance Fruge, Frugie etc and also cut4cloth.

And also do not bid on any keyword phrase containing the keyword ‘Frugi’ or any misspelling of our domain name,, and

Don’t use Frugi brand terms in ad titles or body or PPC ad.

And do not conduct any form of typosquatting, yes it happens! Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting which directs a person to a false website when they enter a misspelling of the intended website. For example,

Frugi take the above guidelines very seriously and reserve the right to deny commission for the month that an affiliate has been keyword bidding or typosquatting and will also consider banning affiliates who ignore these guidelines.

If you would like further clarification on any of the points mentioned above please email us at

In the event of no other commision group applying, a 6% default rate will be applied

Kind regards,

The Frugi Affiliate Team