Oak Furniture Superstore is a family-run business with over 50 years’ experience in the furniture industry. We offer quality furniture at affordable prices, whilst providing an efficient and contemporary online shopping experience.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Oak Furniture Superstore Voucher Codes  

Affiliates may only promote codes that are provided through Oak Furniture Superstore affiliate programme (either through our account or directly from our Affiliate Manager).  Oak Furniture Superstore reserve the right to withhold payment of commission if unauthorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale. We appreciate that consumers may use voucher codes that they have found via a site other than that which is awarded the sale and this will be investigated before decisions on commission payment are made. Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorised codes may also have their commission set to zero until the code(s) are removed.  

Where voucher codes are issued with an expiry date this should be clearly displayed and codes should be removed or explicitly marked as expired after this date unless you are advised otherwise. Any affiliates displaying expired codes without marking them as being expired may be suspended from the programme. Please also ensure that you observe the IAB voucher code best practice guidelines.  

Oak Furniture Superstore PPC  

Oak Furniture Superstore have a full PPC campaign that runs alongside our AW Affiliate programme.  We manage this as a completely separate entity from Affiliate Window and our Affiliate Programme and have a full compliment of both brand and generic campaigns running.  At present we want no Affiliates constructing PPC campaigns or bidding on terms as this would be counter-productive and would drive up the cost of our campaigns.

Any affiliates that are found to be bidding on terms or taking part in PPC campaigns will be immediately excluded from the Oak Furniture Superstore affiliate programme.

Commission Approval Period

We pay commissions 17 days after delivery if no returns or issues arise. This is to cover our 14 day returns policy.