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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

7 Days


LivingSocial offers daily deals on handpicked experiences that can be shared with friends.

When applying to become a LivingSocial affiliate you agree to the following terms:

Your Website

  • is compatible with the LivingSocial brand, its identity and values and our product types
  • is honest, factually correct, and clear in promotional content and intent

You will not promote our program in inappropriate environments such as, but not limited to:

  • illegal material or promoting illegal activities and substances 
  • any obscene or sexually explicit material 
  • any violent, discriminatory, threatening or abusive material 
  • any libelous, blasphemous or defamatory material 
  • any material that infringes the Intellectual Property of any third party 
  • file sharing/P2P websites

Commission and Tracking

LivingSocial have three commission groups:
Escape Deals: 5%
National Deals: 10%
Regional Deals: 10% (includes family deals)

Afiliates will be paid on transaction amount minus VAT.

Please note that LivingSocial only pay out on Irish deals.

Transactions will be validated after the 28 day validation period. LivingSocial reserves the right to reverse commissions if deemed necessary.

Paid Search Activity

LivingSocial operates a strict policy on PPC Activity. The following types of keywords are restricted for use in any paid search activity of affiliates on the campaign: These lists are indicative and the terms highlighted are not the only terms that are restricted, similar words/phrases, simonies and terms we deem as a breach of our trademark.

  • Brand: “LivingSocial”, “Living Social”
  • Extended brand: “living social dublin", "social living", "livingsocial daily deals"
  • Misspellings: e.g. “Livin Social”

Affiliates are required not to appear on any search results for these keywords on any ad platform (unless express written permission is given by LivingSocial), including search engines, content networks, social networking, ads placements, etc. For clarification on whether your activity would contravene this term, please contact

In order to avoid any broad matching issues, affiliates must add LivingSocial, Living Social and as negative keywords in all paid search activity.

Affiliates also must not use the LivingSocial trademark in any paid search activity, whether this is in ad text, title or display URLs. If you feel this would be beneficial to your promotion of LivingSocial, please get in touch with the account management team to discuss this further.

LivingSocial also require that you do not use any display URL that may suggest a connection with LivingSocial, for example:

We do not allow direct linking from PPC ads to the LivingSocial website.

Any affiliate found in violation of these restrictions will be given 24 hours notice to change their PPC campaign to make it compliant with the above stipulations.

If this requirement is not adhered to we will cancel all commissions accruing to them until the changes have been made. Any affiliate found breaking these restrictions more than once will be immediately removed from the LivingSocial programme. 

Use of creative provided by LivingSocial

Affiliates may not alter or change any of the provided creative or text links available through the affiliate network interface and all creative must be signed off by the merchant before use.

In order to prevent out-of-date and brand inconsistent content and creative, affiliates may not hardcode creative into their sites. 

Anyone found doing so will receive a warning and may have commissions reversed. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time. Continuous infringement of these terms will result in suspension. 

All solus newsletters promoting LivingSocial must be sent to for sign off.

Promotional Code Usage


Restricted code’ – Promotional codes which will cause the transaction to be declined if used.

‘Authorised-to-display code’ – Promotional codes which the publisher has been given permission to display to their users.


      i.        You may not display any promotional codes for,, or unless you have been given express permission to do so – either from an AWIN account manager, through an AWIN newsletter, or on a list of ‘authorised-to-display codes’ on our AWIN profile.

     ii.        All promotional codes are by default 'restricted codes' unless it has been explicitly agreed otherwise, in writing, by Wowcher, LivingSocial, or Secret Sales.

     iii.        All transactions in which a 'restricted code' has been used will be declined.

    iv.        You may not display any promotional codes which are broken, or are not real, or are outside their promotional period, unless express permission has been granted to do so. The promotional period of the code should be made clear to you when the permission to display said voucher is granted.

    v.        “Click to reveal” banners may not be used when there is no valid or current code present as this can cause confusion for the customer.

     vi.        The terms of any promotional codes displayed must be clearly shown.

    vii.        The Affiliate must negatively match against search terms for all Wowcher, LivingSocial, and SecretSales brand names, outlined in terms earlier, plus ‘voucher’, ‘code’, and ‘promotional code’.

    viii.       Some promotional codes may be neither 'restricted codes', nor 'authorised-to-display codes'. In this case, affiliates may not advertise these codes, but use of these codes won't automatically cause a transaction to be declined.

   ix.        If any of the above terms are breached, Wowcher, LivingSocial and SecretSales reserve the right to decline all transactions from the offending publisher, with repeat offenders facing suspension from our program.


Product Feed

LivingSocial will provide a daily datafeed with the most accurate pricing available everyday through the Affiliate Window interface.

Affiliates are requested to make every effort to maintain LivingSocial’s most current pricing information in their promotions. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, such as constructing a URL from which you can automatically receive the feed, please contact the account management team.

If you have any questions regarding the above Terms and Conditions please contact the LivingSocial affiliate team.