Pavers are the UK’s leading comfort footwear specialists with over 40 years experience. They offer high quality, comfortable, stylish footwear at great prices.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Voucher Codes
Voucher codes promoted must be provided through the Pavers AWIN program. Vouchers are given on both a global and individual basis. Any voucher given on an individual basis must not be used/given to other affiliates on the network.

Closed PPC policy

No direct PPC is permitted for this program.  Additionally, no sponsored links/PPC ads that use the company’s name Pavers, variations, misspellings or derivates as a keyword or part of a key phrase on any search engine or as a display url. 

De-duplication Policy & Best Practice

Pavers de-duplicate automatically against price comparison.

Pavers agrees, wherever possible, to provide affiliates with reasonable notice period on any significant changes to the campaign.

Please do not register URL’s similar to without the merchant’s consent. Pavers welcomes the opportunity to work with all affiliate types except software application affiliates.  Affiliates must supply a working url in order to be accepted onto the program.

Please do not use competitor names to send traffic to the merchant’s site.

Refunded Orders
Pavers will not pay commission on items or orders which are refunded and reserve the right to cancel commission if the order is fraudulent.

Cancelled Orders
Pavers reserve the right to withdraw commission if we believe than an order has been placed fraudulently or if payment is not received for the order.

Affiliates are not permitted to use pavers, pavers shoes, pavers shoes TV or channel 678 in a domain name. Although pavers or pavers-shoes as a brand can be used in the path of a URL