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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Delticom reserves the right not to accept any site that:

  • Includes adult, x-rated, sexually explicit or pornographic content
  • Promotes gambling activities
  • Offers the downloading of pirated music or software
  • Contains racist or criminal content or promotes discrimination of any kind. Also forbidden are sites that portray violence (showing gratuitous injuries, sexual assault, rape, death or promoting the use of weapons)
  • Promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs

Furthermore any sites without content, under construction or generally faulty as well as those where it is impossible to check the site content are excluded from taking part in the affiliate programme.


Pay-Per-Click advertising and any search engine marketing using the trademark Delticom and/or the online shop names (e.g., and /or the URL’s is expressly forbidden.

This also applies to purchasing or bidding on keywords that include misspellings of the Delticom brand name as well as the online shop names (e.g., and URL’s.

Delticom AG reserves the right to terminate the affiliate partnership if these rules are breached.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to alter the code in any integrated advertising material which, when clicked, would send the Delticom tracking ID to more than one affiliate network simultaneously.

Postview tracking and cookie-dropping is not permitted.

We want to treat you as our partner and believe we are fair. We expect the same from you in return.

Any attempt to manipulate the system will result in immediate expulsion from the programme and all backdated sales and leads commission will be forfeited.