AA Loans are provided by Bank of Ireland to offer a competitive loan rate


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


AA Loans Terms & Conditions

  • Clicks to the AA Loans programme are recorded and correct in UI.
  • The Instant decision from Loans applications is also tracked into UI and application status will show as ‘ACCEPT’, ‘REFER’ or ‘DECLINE’.
  • However due to the nature of the tracking and customer behaviour, duplicate sales are frequently recorded on this programme. This is due to customers clicking ‘back’, refreshing the decision page or re-applying.  Therefore, the transactions appearing in UI may be inflated and shouldn’t be taken as actual.
  • AA Loans pays affiliates on WRITTEN loans – this is when the loan is paid out to the customer. A file of actual written loans will be uploaded from the provider to UI on a weekly basis which will validate for payment affiliates’ actual written loans in UI
  • Any applications that haven’t been updated as written by this file will be declined in Darwin after 180 days.
  • In order to allow for the 180 day validation period, payment runs to affiliates will therefore be made 30 days in arrears.

Attribution rules

  • Sales are not currently tracking through the Awin tracking link therefore, in order to be rewarded with the sale affiliates must use the unique link provided by the Account Manager on joining the programme or upon invitation. Unfortunately affiliates will not be paid commission on any sales that are generated without the correct tracking link and agreement from the account manager.

  • Commission for completed loans will be uploaded as a bonus payment on a regular basis, at the rate of £50 per sale (accepted loan and funds paid to customer). It may take up to 2 weeks for sales to show on the system.