AA Loans are provided by Bank of Ireland to offer a competitive loan rate


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



The AA logo must appear along with some wording to say the product is provided by Creation Consumer Finance:

The AA Personal Loan is provided by Creation Consumer Finance.

Brand Guidelines

A full set of brand guidelines will be supplied when you are accepted as an affiliate. In addition, the following should be adhered to:

  • All URLs work and link smoothly. The site itself should contain a combination of both links and banners.
  • The website must be in English.
  • The site is well designed graphically with relevant content and copy
  • No large telephone numbers appear on the site as this detracts from the purpose of banners and therefore a smooth link from the affiliate site through to the AA.
  • The affiliate website must contain an obvious and visible AA banner or text link with copy.
  • Any banners or text links on affiliate emails and newsletters must be approved by AAFS (AA Financial Services) in advance of publication.
  • Affiliates may produce their own text or promotional material to advertise the AA on their sites. This must be approved by AAFS prior to being published on the affiliate site. Any material of this nature that needs approving by AAFS must be submitted via Affiliate Window.
  • No affiliate is allowed to use any AA domains. Affiliates must use their own website which can have reference to the AA at the end of their domain (i.e.
  • Affiliates may not use the term AA as a sub-domain in their URL (i.e.
  • Affiliates must allow the user to navigate back or forward using their browsing functionality on their computer or device.

Display banners and copy

  • Affiliates are not permitted to alter and change any banner creative or copy supplied via the Affiliate Window without the explicit approval of AAFS.
  • If an affiliate wishes to generate creative or copy this must be supplied to AAFS via Affiliate Window for approval. This must be before the material is published.
  • All material supplied by AAFS via the Affiliate Window site remains the intellectual property of AAFS at all times.
  • Any copy or creative provided by AAFS, that is campaign specific or time specific will be communicated to the affiliate network via the Affiliate Window site and must be published within 48 hours. Any costs associated with uploading this amended content will be responsibility of the affiliate.
  • The affiliates on the programme must only use the AA links supplied to ensure that full tracking and attribution can take place.
  • All affiliates on the programme will be audited on a regular basis by both AAFS and Affiliate Window. If an affiliate is not displaying current information they may be removed from the programme and any associated commission payments rejected.