Part of Whitbread PLC, Premier Inn is the UK and Ireland's biggest and fastest growing hotel company. With over 800 budget hotels offering quality accommodation at affordable hotel prices.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

14 Days



- Commissions will only be awarded to affiliates after the customer has stayed in the hotel. This is so we can avoid paying commissions to affiliates whose sale may become void when a customer cancels their booking at the hotel.

- Pending transactions where the date of stay in the hotel has passed and the sale has not been validated will be deleted from the system at the end of each month.

- Please note that only sales tracked by Awin will be eligible for payment and consequently Premier Inn will not approve any disputed transactions. 

- You can view the date of the booking for any sale in your Awin management area. 

Non Cashback sites:

- Commission will be paid at a flat rate of 1% across both weekday and weekend bookings

Cashback/Incent sites:

- Premier Inn will not work with any affiliate sites whereby the user is provided with an incentive to purchase


- Affiliates must use the correct brand name, Premier Inn (not Premier Inns, or any of our previous brand names, Premier Travel Inn, Travel Inn or Premier Lodge).

- Please only reproduce Premier Inn logo on a white or purple background.

- Please do not produce web pages that purport to be produced by Premier Inn.

- Please ensure all of your site copy is reflective of any current offers and company information that is provided for you here and on the Premier Inn website.

- Any affiliates that do not follow these terms may be temporarily suspended from the programme.

- Please note that from time to time we carry out audits to ensure that all promotional activity of Premier Inn is accurate and in line with their brand guidelines. In some cases, if sites are misrepresenting Premier Inn, we will issue a temporary suspension but until this is resolved and of course reinstate immediately following.

We will check your sites against the following and get in touch / temporarily suspend based on the following:

-        Logo is unclear / skewed

-        The headline offer message and price point is incorrect

-        Listed expiry date is incorrect

-        Offer terms and conditions are incorrect

-        Copy reflective of the Premier Inn brand is incorrect

-        We were unable to identify your linking methods

We reserve the right to suspend any affiliates whose promotional method and/or site content is either considered irrelevant, inappropriate, insufficient or not aligned with Premier Inn's brand values.   


Click References:

Please ensure that all affiliates use click references in a numeric format. Affiliates that include other characters in their click references could result in their sales not tracking. 


Affiliate Approvals

Premier Inn reserves the right to reject affiliate applications to join the Premier Inn programme if it is felt affiliate site content is unsuitable or not aligned with Premier Inn brand values .