BSI is the UK's National Standards Body which writes and publishes over 50,000 standards and books.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Use of the BSI Brand

No Affiliate is to adopt the BSI Brand in any way shape or form, nor pass themselves, or their organization off as BSI, or as a division or part of the BSI Group.

It must be clear to users that Affiliate websites are third party sites – not owned or operated by BSI. Affiliates must clearly state who they are and that they are an authorized Affiliate of BSI . All marketing of BSI Standards products must be within the Affiliate’s own website.

Affiliates are not permitted to use the BSI name or BSI logo, or any trademarks or trade names registered to BSI (or any device confusingly similar) in the header of any website or email communication, except those communications provided by BSI as part of the affiliate scheme marketing collateral.

Affiliates must not use the BSI name to sell other services that they may have in their portfolio. The BSI Brand must only be used to sell British Standards and BSI products.

Affiliates may not use the BSI logo but may use the BSI Affiliate logo available from the BSI Affiliate Interface.

Affiliate may only use the following text along side the BSI Affiliate Logo “An authorized affiliate of BSI Standards”.

When referring to a British Standard number the acronym used must be BS not BSi or BSI.

BSI may, in its absolute discretion, prevent the Affiliate from publishing particular BSI Advertisements or BSI Links.