Snapfish is a leading photo printing service offering free unlimited photo storage, sharing, photo prints (from 10p), personalised gifts and cards at very competitive prices, available within a click of a mouse.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

7 Days

Specific Terms and Conditions

  • Deep linking is not permitted on the programme. Affiliates cannot deep link to any product or offer on as these will not be credited to you.
  • Any links which affiliates promote must be taken from within the Affiliate Control Panel of the Affiliate Window Management Area.
  • Please note that any links which are not available in the Affiliate Window Management Area will not track.
  • Affiliates will not get paid for any sales that are generated through links that are not made available to them by Snapfish.
  • Affiliates must not promote offers that they find elsewhere on the web.
  • If you find an offer you would like to promote you must email us to ask for that offer and we will review. If this offer is available we will send you confirmation of it being added to your Management Area.

Commission Value

5-10% on orders


7 days

Pay Per Click Terms

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the Snapfish brand name, product lines or misspellings. Please ensure that you do not bid for Snapfish brand related keywords on search engines. Snapfish should also be negatively matched so it is not included with other terms.


Any affiliates who are found to be running this kind of activity will have all their commissions reversed and will be removed from the programme, this is the case for all times of the day or night.