Skiset is the number one ski rental network in France and Europe: 800 shops for your ski and snowboard rental in over 450 ski resorts. Skiset offers deals from 10% to 50% off in-store prices, depending on the period and destination.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Skiset has provided plenty of strong creative for this programme. Please take a look in the Management Area for logos and messages they recommend affiliates use.

All channels are welcome - loyalty (cashback), email, content etc. Please be aware this programme has PPC restrictions.

Adult or inappropriate affiliates will not be approved to the programme.


No brand bidding is allowed in any form on PPC search engines.

Affiliates must not bid on the term 'Skiset' or any derivatives or mispells.

Any affiliates found breaching any of these terms will have sales rejected and risk removal from the programme. If you require any clarification regarding the search terms, logo or creative, please contact your account manager.

Skiset is a registered trademark.