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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Dunelm Affiliate Programme Terms & Conditions

As an affiliate, by applying to join the Dunelm affiliate programme, you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Any breach of our terms and conditions can result in exclusion from the Dunelm affiliate programme and reversal of commissions where deemed appropriate at our discretion.

If you would like to discuss any of the terms and conditions further please feel free to contact the Dunelm account management team, .


Branding Restrictions

You must follow Dunelm’s brand guidelines at all times. Please reach out to the Dunelm account management team for Dunelm's latest copy.

Affiliates must at all times be responsible in their promotion of the Dunelm brand and avoid any use which may be interpreted as "spamming" or misrepresenting or bringing disrepute to our company, trading name(s), brand name(s) or the company trading name(s), brand name(s) or our suppliers.

Please also note that "Dunelm Mill" is outdated branding - Dunelm should be referred to at all times.


Paid Search Policy

Affiliates are required to refrain from registering, appearing or bidding on our pure brand terms, combined brand and generic terms or misspellings, unless PPC rights have been agreed for a set period of time. If/when agreed, a list containing the allowed keywords and match types will be provided. The use of other keywords and/or match types is a breach of program policy.

Affiliates are required to include brand and misspelling terms as negative keywords in any and all of their search engine marketing campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to keywords such as:

  • Dunhelm
  • Dunhlem Mill

Use of the domain and variations is strictly forbidden within the copy of any form of PPC advertisement including the display URL. The trading name "Dunelm" or any formulation of this brand name may not be used in the display URL’s or in any text ad.

Any breach of our terms and conditions can result in immediate exclusion from the Dunelm affiliate programme in addition to all current pending commission being declined.


Domain Restrictions

Affiliates are not permitted to register URLs with Dunelm’s trademarked terms or any misspellings or reformulations contained in their domain.

Any affiliate seen to be purchasing such domain names will be immediately and permanently removed from the programme and any commissions due will be reversed. We reserve all rights to reclaim any such domain names that are registered by an affiliate back from the registrant. However, brand terms may be contained within the subdomain, e.g.:

  • - Not allowed
  • - Not allowed
  • - Allowed

  Affiliates may not put the Dunelm website into frames or use masked URLs.


Voucher Code Use

All discount/voucher code use must comply with the official IAB guidelines, which can be found here:

In addition to the IAB guidelines, the following terms apply to the Dunelm affiliate programme:

  • Any Dunelm discount/voucher codes promoted must be provided by authorised representatives of Dunelm as part of the Dunelm affiliate programme.
  • Affiliates are not allowed to display discount/voucher codes that were intended for use in other channels or for other online affiliates.
  • Affiliates are not allowed to display made up/invented discount/voucher codes on their site(s).
  • Affiliates found to be promoting unauthorised discount/voucher codes face immediate suspension from the programme. We reserve the right to decline commissions/withhold payment if non-authorised discount/voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale.


Cashback Sites

Cashback sites receive the default 2% commission, unless exclusive rates/payment methods have been agreed.


Cancelled Orders and Commission Validations

Any cancelled or non-collected orders will be invalidated within a 4-5 week period and will result in non-payment of commission.

If you have any queries regarding the status of a commission, please contact the Dunelm account management team .



Affiliates may not alter any creatives available through the Awin interface. Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites, so updates made to those available through Awin may take immediate effect. If your site requires that banners are hardcoded, please contact the account management team to obtain permission before putting this in place. This will allow us to contact you whenever updates are necessary.


Email Marketing

Affiliates are permitted to send solus emails to their databases – Dunelm branding restrictions and guidelines must be adhered to. For more information or guidance please contact us.  


Social Media

Affiliates may feature Dunelm on social media platforms – branding restrictions and guidelines must be adhered to. However, the Dunelm brand should not be used in any way to register accounts on social media or via any other channel. Affiliates must bear in mind all times that in order to comply with the spirit of our brand guidelines, they must never speak ‘as’ or ‘for’ the brand, they may only speak ‘about’ or ‘promote’ the brand or our products.  


Software Applications 

Affiliate Toolbars - Affiliates may not feature Dunelm on toolbars without written permission from Dunelm or their the Dunelm account management team specifically authorising this promotional method. Acceptance as a member of the Dunelm programme does not automatically authorise toolbar traffic.

M2M In-Store Orders

Commission is not paid on M2M Orders made in-store and is not tracked via Awin.