Stocked in New Look, Debenhams, Outfit, HoF and Beales along with their own independent stores, Apricot is a fast expanding women's fashion brand offering hot new trends at affordable prices. All pieces are lovingly made with unique designs and fabrics.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Unless Specifically authorised, ALL PPC, generic, brand or otherwise is forbidden. You are not permitted to use any of our brand terms or our marks, including misspells and other variants to gain preferential listings on any search engine. Display URL’s that contain "Apricot", “ApricotOnline”, "" or variants of these are also not permitted.

Please refer to our terms and conditions below for more details:

  • Affiliates shall NOT purchase any domains that include any variation or misspell of Apricot and shall NOT bid on any keywords or keyword phrases that include any variation or misspell of Apricot in any format in any pay per click (PPC) search engine.
  • Affiliates are also restricted from utilising any Apricot trademarks, any variations or misspells of Apricot, in URLs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.
  • Affiliates shall NOT use 'branded term + generic terms' to gain preferential listings on any search engines, directories or any other kind of online database.
  • Affiliates are permitted to use appropriate keywords that do not relate to any Apricot or other Apricot Partnership keywords. For example, 'party dresses' or 'special offers' would be permitted.
  • Affiliates are NOT permitted to bid on any of the Company's competitor's brand terms to drive traffic to the Apricot website.
  • Affiliates acknowledge the risks of Google's extended/expanded broad match functionality and that the Company strongly recommends that the Affiliate include the terms 'Apricot' and misspells as negative keywords on all campaigns, in order to negate the risk of appearing on Apricot brand terms.
  • All clicks must first land on the Affiliate's site, and the website user must click from the Affiliate's site to Clicks must never land directly on Overlays and masked URLs are NOT permitted.
  • Affiliates shall not set up any site redirects from any page on its website or network of websites so that the page goes directly to Apricot.
  • Affiliates shall not place any banners or links within unsolicited email, unauthorised newsgroup postings, chat rooms or through the use of "bots". Traffic generated illegally will not be commissionable. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to seek the advice of the Apricot account manager if the Affiliate is in any doubt about what it is permitted or not permitted to do, pursuant to these Terms.



  • All voucher code affiliates must implement a no index tag on pages dedicated to Apricot unless an exclusive code has been awarded.
  • Voucher code sites must NOT house a ‘click to reveal’ or ‘get deal here’ call to action on generic offers available on
  • Any affiliate found to be poaching sales from Apricot online via use the above will have the commission on these sales declined.



We encourage all Affiliates interested in our program to apply. However, before we will need to approve your site.

Our key approval standards are as follows:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Are relevant.
  • Do not display pornographic or offensive content

These are only general guidelines, and we reserve the right to make exceptions.