The STI Clinic provides laboratory based sexual health checks using home sampling kits sold directly to the public over the internet. It was created to make it easier for people to access tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


PPC Policy

  • Affiliates are not allowed to bid on The STI Clinic brand name, any derivation or misspellings.
  • We ask for brand and misspell terms to be included as negative keywords in all search engine marketing campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to; The STI Clinic, STI Clinic, sticlinic,,
  • Affiliates found bidding on these terms may have pending transactions cancelled or face suspension from the program.
  • Use of The STI Clinic and/or misspells in a site display URL is prohibited in any PPC campaigns.
  • Use of The STI Clinic and/or misspells in a site domain is prohibited in any PPC campaigns.
  • Affiliates wishing to promote The STI Clinic using the PPC channel must do so using their own websites or landing pages. Affiliates must not use a URL redirect to take the customer directly to the The STI Clinic website from a PPC advert.
  • Bidding on generic keywords is encouraged, but must not include the The STI Clinic or derivatives within ad copy or titles.

Google Base / Froogle™

Use of Google Base, or Froogle™ is not allowed as we already run product feeds into the Affiliate Network.

Voucher code usage

Any promotional and incentive offers and codes must be authorised through Affiliate Window. Use of unauthorised codes will result in non-payment of commission and possible suspension from the programme. Affiliate Window closely monitors all voucher codes used in affiliate sales.

Affiliate Toolbars

Affiliates may not feature The STI Clinic on toolbars without written permission from The STI Clinic or their Affiliate Window Account Manager specifically authorising this promotional method. Acceptance as a member of the The STI Clinic programme does not automatically authorise toolbar traffic.