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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Affiliates must not use information that is false to generate a sale. For example, they cannot say there is a clearance sale going on if there is not. 

Affiliates must not advertise exclusive Calendar Club customer only codes.  All codes that affiliates can promote will be added to My Offers and communicated via Awin News Manager. 

Calendar Club reserve the right to cancel transactions where an affiliate is promoting inaccurate offers/promotions or advertising exclusive Calendar Club customer only codes and remove that affiliate from the program.

Please keep up to date with current promotions. will provide promotion expiry dates and notice of upcoming promotions regularly.

We are particularly interested in working with content websites that are related to our bestselling categories such as dogs, animals, humour, models, art, family and entertainment.


PPC Affiliates

We specify that affiliates do not use our brand terms for any PPC (paid search) campaigns including keywords such as "calendar club" (or any variations or misspellings, etc.),,, etc. We would also ask that affiliates do not run PPC advertising campaigns using any keywords relating to our bestselling products, e.g. "mums family planner", "organised mums", "goats in trees calendar", "fred basset slim", "beryl cook calendar" and "2019 dog calendars". We are happy to negotiate with affiliates on running long tail keyword campaigns - we have over 5,000 products on the site so there is a broad range available. Please get in touch to discuss this further.