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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms and Conditions

Brand Terms






“Booze Delivered”


- Any variation of the above or similar


1. Paid Search Activity (PPC)

1.1 Affiliates may not bid on or use brand terms to gain preferential listings on Search Engines, Directories or any other kind of online database. forbid the use of their brand terms.

1.2 allow bidding on product related terms. However brand terms used in conjunction with product related terms or generic terms are forbidden. strongly suggest affiliates use brand terms as ‘negative’ keywords for all campaigns.

1.3 Affiliates are requested not to use any brand term similar, misspell or variant, irrespective of case in display URLs.

1.4 operate a closed group of affiliates. Affiliates will require permission to use any owned trademarks and domain names. Affiliates use of trademarks is limited to the use of creative and text provided through the interface and affiliate network, or unless granted by Affiliate Window or

1.5 Affiliates are asked not to register any domain or create any sub-domain using brand terms or similar.

1.6 Affiliates are asked not mask URLs, overlay, pop-up, iFrame or serve the website in channels not authorised by LTD.

1.7 Penalties, such as commissions declined, suspension or removal from the programme will apply for not adhering to these clauses.

2. Landing Pages
2.1 All clicks must first land on the publisher’s site, and the user must click from the publisher’s site to brand term websites

2.2 Clicks must never land directly on brand term websites

3. Coupons/Promotional Codes LTD are keen to work with all affiliates to accurately promote special offers, discounts and promotions.

All affiliates should adhere to the IAB’s code of conduct, in addition to this has set out the following provisions for the use of promotion codes and offer promotion.

3.1 Unauthorised coupon/promotion codes:
i. An unauthorised coupon/promotion code is a code that hasn’t been communicated via your account manager. This includes all coupons or any other coupon/promotion code.
ii. Publishers must not feature any unauthorised coupon/promotion codes, nor must publishers cite a URL to that coupon/promotion code anywhere on their website.
iii. will decline commissions on all orders when an unauthorised promotion code has been used, and be subject to the penalties detailed in 1.7.

3.2 Authorised coupon/promotion codes:
i. An authorised coupon/promotion code is one that has been communicated via your account manager. Other coupon/promotion codes may be shared by communicated via your account manager, and these will always be introduced as ‘authorised’.
ii. will approve all commissions on orders when an authorised promotion code has been redeemed within the promotional period.
iii. Publishers must not feature an expired coupon/promotion code outside the stated promotional period. If expired coupon/promotion codes continue to feature, this will constitute breach of clause 2.1 regarding the use of unauthorised coupon/promotion codes.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns
Currently do not permit affiliates to engage in acquisition related email marketing campaigns. Please contact your account manager for further details.

5. Product level commissioning

5.1 offer product level commissioning set between 5-10% of the total of the product and quantity ordered

5.2 If no commission is set for a particular product, the default of 5% will be used

6. Disputed transactions

Affiliates must raise commission queries via normal channels within seven days of an expected payment.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notification. via Affiliate Window where possible will notify all Affiliates of any changes made to these terms and conditions. If you are unclear on any of the above terms and conditions please get in touch.

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