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Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

21 Days


The Orange logo is always square, wherever possible always orange, always contains the Orange logotype and should be applied from original artwork files. Used with its exclusion zone, it should be aligned with other page elements. So that the Orange mark can stand out clearly, it should have as much space around it as possible and an exclusion zone of clear space area, on all sides, equal to half the width of the Orange mark itself. When writing the name 'Orange' outside of the logo, it should always be done with a capital 'O' and without the 'TM' mark.

The Orange logo looks best when its base colour is black or white. The Orange Hexideximal code for online work is #FF6600. If you would like to use the mark on a photographic background, please position it on an area of uniform colour and texture to help it stand out as much as possible.

The affiliate website must display its own branding / logo to emphasise that it is a third party website endorsing Orange. Attempts to imitate or replicate our own website are not acceptable and will not be approved by us. The customer must understand that they are on a third party website not belonging to Orange. Do not give the customer the impression that they are on an Orange owned website. The affiliate must not claim to be an ‘official’ Orange website or make any other similar claims.