Find your perfect tyres online with Tyre Shopper and have them fitted at home, work or any one of our fitting centres across the country. With over a decade selling big brand tyre names at budget prices – you’ve come to the right place.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


All affiliates agree to adhere to the following T&Cs. If you have any questions over the below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the MGOMD team:

  • Commissions
    • Affiliates will be paid their agreed commission by product type on all successfully validated sales.


  • Recruitment
    • Please ensure that your contact details (name, phone, email address, website URL) remain updated on your Awin profile at all times.


  • PPC Policy
    • Affiliates are requested to negative –tyre shopper & -tyreshopper on broad match within their PPC accounts.
    • Affiliates are not permitted to bid or appear on brand searches (e.g Tyre Shopper, TyreShopper, Tyre
    • Affiliates are not permitted to bid or appear on extended or hybrid brand searches (e.g. Tyre Shopper tyres, Tyre Shopper voucher codes, Tyre Shopper offers).
    • Affiliates are not permitted to bid or appear on misspells or variations of brand searches (e.g. Tyres Shopper, Tire Shopper, Tyreshopper).
    • Affiliates are not permitted to use the Tyre Shopper brand term in any paid search activity, whether this is in ad text, copy or display URLs.
    • Unless written permission has been given by MediaCom, no affiliate is allowed to directly link to the Tyre Shopper website from any PPC activity (including via re-directs).
    • Unless written permission has been given by MediaCom, no affiliate is permitted to use branded URL’s to promote Tyre Shopper (e.g.,
    • Tyre Shopper is actively using brand protection software and any affiliate contravening the above PPC policy will be contacted to inform them of the contravention and risk being suspended or removed from the program without notice, including having all commissions declined and/or reversed.
    • Tyre Shopper do not have a closed group of affiliates conducting PPC on brand terms, nor using Tyre Shopper branded URL’s or brand terms within their ad copy.


  • Google or Bing Shopping
    • Affiliates are not permitted to run any shopping related activity.


  • Branding
    • Affiliates are asked not to hard code creative onto their websites.
    • Affiliates must use their own website which can include trademarks in the sub folders of the display URL e.g.
    • Only approved creatives and ad media provided directly by Tyre Shopper through Affiliate Window can be used by affiliates.
    • Please make sure to regularly check within Awin to ensure that you’re using the most up to date copy and creative available. A newsletter will be sent out within Awin to inform of any new updates.


  • Email policy
    • Affiliates are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam") under this Affiliate programme.
    • Should you wish to send out a Tyre Shopper email please discuss with MediaCom in the first instance.


  • Discount/Voucher Codes
    • Only codes that are supplied to affiliates by Tyre Shopper are valid for affiliate use.
    • Sales made using codes not listed under the ‘offers’ section within Awin will be declined. This includes both online and offline codes.
    • Any codes that are found to be displayed on sites that are non-approved will result in commissions being declined.
    • Please make sure any URL strings you grab from the Tyre Shopper site are placed into the deep link generator via your own affiliate account that the URL does not contain any additional tracking information/tags as this will cause the link to not track correctly.