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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

The Whisky Barrel (TWB) Programme Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions before applying for the Affiliate Programme. If you have any queries please get in touch. Affiliates found to be breaching our conditions may have their programme suspended and commissions rejected at our discretion.

Keyword Bidding Restrictions

  • TWB Affiliates are not permitted to use our branding for search terms in any form of paid search adverts, including social media. These include: The Whisky Barrel™, Whisky Barrel, TWB, Abbreviations, misspelling (i.e. whiskey) or hybrid branding (i.e. whisky barrel voucher).

Domain & URL Restrictions

  • TWB Affiliates cannot use our branding in either domains, sub-domains or display domains. We do permit our affiliates to use a director URL such as this example:
  • TWB Affiliates must not embed our web site within a frame.
  • TWB Affiliates must not use automatic page redirects.


  • We welcome creative suggestions from our affiliates to improve our creative for your campaign and we can tailor specific creative for our best affiliates.
  • TWB Affiliates may not alter our creative without prior permission.

Commission Terms

  • TWB does not pay commission on Gordon & MacPhail Generations products. For example the Diamond Jubilee Decanter.

  • TWB does not pay commission on sales with discount codes that have not been approved to TWB Affiliates.
  • TWB does not pay commission on trade sales.

For further information please direct your enquiries to our web team: