EachMoment makes it at easy as possible to convert old family history - videos, pictures, sound recordings and more to digital. Simply fill up a Memory Box, book a doorstep collection and we'll do the rest, returning a digital collection of memories.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



We are the only company that provides customers a box to fill up with their old media. The box is crush proof and designed for transporting precious media. 


Customers don't use our competitors because they worry about the security of their items, losing them in the post. We provide a crush proof box and collect as soon as they're ready. We use the same ultra-secure collection system as used by A-Level exam boards (AQA, OCR etc.) to securely transport marked papers back to HQ. 


Customers often worry about the security of their old memories. Along with the collection system, we place a QR barcode on every single item, meaning it is tracked through every room in our lab. 


Customers want to know we're doing a professional job. We also service documentary producers, universities, museums and universities (examples of these high profile clients below). 


All our packages includes: 


A Memory Box, with everything you need inside, delivered the day after your order is placed

Doorstep collection of your filled Memory Box (or take it to any post office when ready)

Blank items automatically refunded

Plenty of room to add extra items (additional items are priced at £12 each)

Cleaning of each item, greatly improving picture and sound quality.

Any necessary repairs

Complete tracking of every item throughout

Order updates by email

Digitised by hand using professional, commercial grade scanning equipment

Your Memory Box, complete with old media and new digital copies, returned to you


Our B2B page:


Our primary audience is B2C, but our customers are often impressed with our high profile clients. Clients we've worked with: 


Royal Navy

Negatives converted in ultra high resolution.



Archival grade negatives digitisation.


This is the Modern World

The Jam & The Style Council - Archival Media Restoraiton


University of Greenwich

Achival Grade Slide Digitisation & Cataloguing


Long Lost Family

Docu-series on ITV