Menkind sell gifts, gadgets, toys and plenty of other cool and crazy stuff for Men. Menkind is a great destination for customers seeking to buy men unusual and interesting gifts or for guys just wanting to treat themselves with a new toy.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Menkind PMAX / Google Shopping / PPC Policy

We allow our affiliates to promote Menkind via PMAX / Google Shopping / PPC, however there are some restrictions in place which should be adhered to:

  • We do not allow affiliates to run PMAX / Google Shopping ads on our product range, unless explicitly agreed with an affiliate.
  • We request that affiliates do not bid on our brand name, URL or any misspellings or derivatives of our brand name or URL. Including, but not limited to the following keywords: “Menkind”, “men kind”, “”, “”.
  • Affiliates should add the terms mentioned above as negative broad match keywords.
  • We also restrict PPC terms in the format of brand name + hybrid term e.g., “Menkind Stocking Fillers” would be restricted, however an affiliate could bid on the generic term “Stocking Fillers”.
  • We do not allow affiliates to link directly to us from search engines.
  • We allow affiliates to use our display URL ( for generic terms only.
  • We also allow naming our brand in the title and description lines in their ads for generic terms.
  • Menkind request our affiliates to refrain from bidding on competitor’s brand terms.
  • Voucher Code affiliates are asked to refrain from bidding on terms such as “Menkind Voucher Code” and all similar derivatives. We request voucher code affiliates broad matching on “Menkind + voucher code” to link to a generic page on their site.
  • Menkind will be monitoring brand name abuse and will be in contact with affiliates found to be breaching the terms outlined in the policy above. This policy applies to all search engines and PPC platforms. Any affiliate found to be breaching these restrictions may face suspension from the program with loss of commission.


Voucher Code Policy

We distribute certain voucher codes exclusively to affiliates and other 3rd party marketing partners. Under no circumstances can these voucher codes be used, distributed, or promoted by any party other than the affiliate/marketing partner to whom the voucher code was granted to.

If a voucher code is used by an affiliate/marketing partner without authorisation, we reserve the right to reject any commissions attributed to the unauthorised usage of said voucher code.

Voucher codes may have exclusions and may not apply to all products, sale items or specific categories.

Further T&Cs can be found here