Founded in Norway in 1877, Helly Hansen Workwear has been making professional-grade gear to keep workers protected on the job across a variety of industries and situations.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The following rules relate to activity through paid sponsored listings for all search engines and are relevant for all terms listed in the Advertiser Brand 

The following activities are currently not allowed on the programme:

  • bidding of misspelling of brand terms
  • bidding on variations of the brand terms              
  • direct linking     
  • broad matching on brand terms

Publishers must not display the advertiser’s brand name in the Display URL or Title & Ad Copy   

Advertiser Brand Terms

The Search Guidelines / Restrictions are based on but not limited to the following:

(includes vertical scroll)

  • helly hansen
  • helly hansen workwear
  • hh workwear
  • helly hansen work trousers
  • helly hansen work boots
  • helly hansen work pants
  • helly hansen work trousers
  • helly hansen rain gear
  • helly hansen jacket
  • helly hansen safety boots
  • helly hansen work boots
  • helly hansen work pants
  • [Above brand terms] voucher code
  • [Above brand terms] voucher
  • [Above brand terms] discount
  • [Above brand terms] discount code
  • [Above brand terms] outlet
  • [Above brand terms] sale

and any different combinations and capitalisations

Brand Guidelines 

All assets provided by Helly Hansen cannot be modified. 

Social Content 

In accordance with the ASA, if you wish to use affiliate links within your social channels and Instagram stories, you will need to use #ad as an identifier of content that has a commercial agreement attached to it. 

Voucher codes

Affiliates should only post voucher codes given to them directly by the merchant or codes listed on the Awin interface. If you use voucher codes not listed for affiliate use, your commission will be declined.