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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

21 Days



Plusnet pay affiliates on a payment on activation model. This means affiliates will be awarded commission if the customer activates their Plusnet broadband within 60 days. Plusnet do not pay commission to affiliates for non-contract broadband sales. 

Cookie Length - 21 days

Disputed Commissions

The merchant will only investigate disputed commissions within 90 days of the transaction date.

Third Party Transaction Queries

Affiliates/Customers have a period of 90 days from the transaction date to query any Third-Party payment of commission, incentive, voucher, gift card and gift/credit with purchase (applies to orders which are tracked) or a period of 90 days from the validation date for orders which are untracked or managed through 3rd party systems or directly by Plusnet.

Outstanding Tenancies

The merchant will only pay tenancies that are within 90 days from when the Insertion Order is signed. If there is no Insertion Order available, then it is from when the exposure or contractual agreement first goes live.  


Commission is not payable to affiliates for the duration that you bid on brand keywords, misspells, or use the Plusnet brand within their ad copy or URLs. For full PPC terms & conditions please see the "PPC" tab.

Commission will only be paid on new broadband signups, not on upgrades/regrades of existing Plusnet broadband/homephone customers.

Please note all deeplinks must be obtained from the account manager, affiliate created links may not track and therefore commission will not be paid -

Cashback sites please note we will be unable to track commission back to individual members so please make sure you state that cashback can only be received for online sales.

Branding terms

Branding Guidelines

The affiliate website must display its own branding / logo to emphasise that it is a third party website endorsing Plusnet. Attempts to imitate or replicate our own website are not acceptable and will not be approved by us. The customer must understand that they are on a third party website not belonging to Plusnet Mobile. Do not give the customer the impression that they are on a Plusnet owned website. The affiliate must not claim to be an ‘official’ Plusnet website or make any other similar claims.

Creative Restrictions

Only logos provided can be used to promote Plusnet. Do not create your own logo or change it in anyway. Logos can be picked up from your network interface; affiliates must not hardcode creative/logo.  Please use the banners provided or contact your account manager if you need bespoke sizing to be created.

Use of email affiliates

If you wish to engage in any email activity please seek prior permission from the account manager.

Affiliates must not promote Plusnet through means of a customer downloaded application that interrupts the sales journey, without securing opt in from Awin. Examples of this are rebate catching tools which alert the user when they land on the merchant website that discounts or cashback are available. If you are in any doubt about whether your application is acceptable or not, please contact your account manager.

Emails and newsletters must be sent to us for approval and must not be sent out until approved. It also needs to be clear that the newsletter is sent by a third party endorsing Plusnet and not Plusnet itself.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in full or partial reversals of commission and/or removal from the program. If you have any questions or requests regarding our terms & conditions, please contact your account manager.

PPC Policy

Commission is not payable on all sales for the duration that you bid on any pure brand term, brand + generic or misspells of the brand term Plusnet, unless agreed with the account manager.

Partner sites/Sub-Affiliates

If, as an affiliate, you are working with partner sites (sub-affiliates), you must inform Awin as to where sales are coming from, and no existing partners working directly through Awin can be approached to work through a sub-network instead.

Use of vouchercodes

Unauthorised use of voucher codes or offers may result in commissions being reversed

Contact Details

In order to promote the Plusnet programme you must have a valid contact number and e-mail address in your management area


- If you operate a subnetwork through your publisher account you must inform the Plusnet affiliate team and a list of all URLs promoting Plusnet should be supplied. Plusnet reserve the right to decline individual URLs if not deemed editorially appropriate.

- Any URL providing more than 5% of your sales volume should be tracked into a secondary PID for legal and audit purposes unless agreed otherwise in writing with Plusnet.

- Any URL which joins a subnetwork will join on the Standard Awin Programme rates unless agreed otherwise in writing with Plusnet.

- Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in immediate removal from the Plusnet programme of either the URL and / or where necessary, the subnetwork