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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

2 Days

Closed PPC policy

No direct PPC is permitted for this program.  This includes sponsored links/PPC ads that use the company’s name Magazines Direct, variations, misspellings or derivates as a keyword or part of a key phrase on any search engine or as a display url. Please do NOT use our brands/magazine titles to promote us.

Please do not bid on the following terms:-

Womans Weekly
Beautiful Kitchens
Feel Good Food
Feel Good You
Love to Make
TV Times
Cycling Fitness
TV & Satellite
Super Yacht World
Sporting Gun
Womans Weekly Fiction
Marie Claire
Anglers Mail
Amateur Gardening
Country Life Special
Shooting Gazette
Motor Boat & Yachting
Style at Home
Rugby World
The Field
Yachting World
What Digital Camera
Practical Boat Owner
World Soccer
Chat Its Fate
Cycling Active
Yachting Monthly
Shooting Times
Cycle Sport
Mountain Bike Rider
Amateur Photographer
Country Life
Ideal Home
Country Homes and Interiors
Living Etc
25 Beautiful Homes
Knitting & Crochet
Homes & Gardens
Womans Own
Golf Monthly
Horse & Hound
Cycling Weekly

Social Media – Affiliate Guidelines

  • Publishers are required to approach the social media / UGC space with caution and with responsibility when considering the promotion of Time Inc.

Care must be taken not to publish links or content relating to Time Inc which is in proximity to other content that may be seen as offensive, illegal, pornographic, violent, derogatory, plagiarised or already related to / created by IPC

  • Publishers must ensure that they have the permission of 3rd party media owners to post links or should disclose the nature of links / shortened URLs within a post
  • Publishers must take the same precautions within the social media space as they would within search and content.
  • No use of the Time Inc brands within the sub-domain.  For example, is not allowed. This includes misspells of brand and trademark terms.

Use of subfolders such as is allowed.

  • Regarding social media domains, direct use of brand terms or misspells in these for the purposes of this programme are unacceptable. For example, is not allowed however, is acceptable.
  • Publishers must not produce placements or links in a manner in which they are seen to be representing Time Inc directly. Any publisher caught pretending to be Time Inc will be removed from the programme immediately.
  • Redirecting straight to the Time Inc site from a social media placement is allowed on the condition that the placements do not deviate from terms and conditions of this programme and particularly in relation to the above, publishers must not claim to be representing Time Inc.
  • Publishers must be transparent about how they are using the social media
  • Any posted links must not be seen to be capitalising on a non related or sensitive issue
  • All links must be in context with the core editorial or content for where they are placed – where applicable.
  • Any links must not be placed through a third party account or identity without the owner’s permission.
  • Any link should carry genuine value (i.e. you have already sampled Time Inc / etc and are genuinely recommending within your network).
  • Time Inc will hold any publishers responsible if they are found to have broken any of the above rules and will likely remove them from the programme as well as investigate the legitimacy of commissions from the previous 4 weeks.
  • In any case that a publishers actions have caused any negativity towards Time Inc, the publisher will be held liable for damages.

Publishers are welcome to present any business case to us for Time Inc in the event that they feel any of the above rules are restricting them from a significant opportunity to grow business.