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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

The current terms and conditions for affiliate partners can be found in the documents section or at by joining this program you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, where any other terms including previously communicated terms contradict the terms at the terms in this pdf will take precedent.

In addition to the IAB’s code of conduct, Zooplus has set out the following provisions for the use of promotion codes and offer promotion.

Unauthorised coupon/promotion codes:
i. An unauthorised coupon/promotion code is a code that hasn’t been communicated via your account manager. This includes all coupons or any other coupon/promotion code.
ii. Publishers must not feature any unauthorised coupon/promotion codes, nor must publishers cite a URL to that coupon/promotion code anywhere on their website.
iii. Zooplus will decline commissions on all orders when an unauthorised promotion code has been used.

Authorised coupon/promotion codes:
i. An authorised coupon/promotion code is one that has been communicated via your account manager. Other coupon/promotion codes may be shared by communicated via your account manager, and these will always be introduced as ‘authorised’.
ii. Zooplus will approve all commissions on orders when an authorised promotion code has been redeemed within the promotional period.
iii. Publishers must not feature an expired coupon/promotion code outside the stated promotional period. If expired coupon/promotion codes continue to feature, this will constitute breach of clause 2.1 regarding the use of unauthorised coupon/promotion codes.

Full details on our PPC terms can be found in the Terms and Conditions PDF however you should be aware that we have a list of words that we restrict affilaites from bidding on and do not allow partners to promote us by using PPC to link directly to zooplus or mention