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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


At megabus we work in a tightly-knit team, where our marketing, creative and pricing employees all liaise regularly to ensure our brand values and customer needs are being met. This allows us to generate fast turnarounds according to the current market situation, which will be beneficial to our affiliates. By working alongside you will have access to our latest offers and campaigns and there is a dedicated affiliate executive to aid you with any of your requirements. We will be quick and responsive to your needs, ensuring our partnerships are as productive as possible.

Joining the megabus affiliate programme today enables you to work in a dynamic and fair partnership; offering your customers low priced bus and train seats throughout the UK, backed by a strong brand name.

Once approved on the megabus programme we can provide you with megabus logos, Banner creative in various sizes and formats, Text links/links to promotional pages, Regular communication of our best deals.
Some of which will be backed by our national campaigns and supporting media, which include outdoor advertising and press coverage.

We will endeavour to create targeted content for our affiliates however affiliates are not permitted to alter any of the creative or text links through the affiliate window interface. Of course, if you have any creative that you feel will improve conversions for both of us please do not hesitate to contact the megabus affiliate team who will be glad to listen and work with you on your requirements.

Terms and Conditions

1. Paid Search Activity (PPC)

Publishers may not bid on or use megabus or any other Stagecoach trademarks or brand words to gain preferential listings on search engines, directories or any other kind of online database.

1.1. Bidding on any megabus or Stagecoach brand term, including misspells and other variants, is strictly FORBIDDEN and will result in IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION. Please refer to attached table T1 and T2 for an indicative, yet not exhaustive, list of common terms and misspells.
1.2. Publishers are not permitted to use “branded term + generic terms” to gain preferential listings on search engines e.g. megabus tickets or megabus travel. Please refer to attached table T1 cont’d.
1.3. Publishers are not permitted to bid on competitors’ brand names (or misspells) to drive traffic to Please refer to attached table T3 for an indicative, yet not exhaustive, list of common competitor terms and misspells.
1.4. Publishers are encouraged to use other search terms that are outside of the conditions of this agreement. In particular, megabus would encourage and assist affiliates who are bidding on geographically-based terms e.g. “travel from Manchester to London.” Please refer to attached table T4 for an indicative, yet not exhaustive, list of these terms. All search traffic should be driven via your own pages and not direct to as this conflicts with our own campaigns.

Megabus would like to remind publishers about the dangers of Google’s extended/expanded broad match functionality and would strongly recommend including the term “megabus” as a negative keyword on all campaigns in order to negate the risk of appearing on megabus brand terms.

Any affiliates found to be in breach of these terms will be contacted by the megabus affiliate team. This may lead to termination from the megabus affiliate programme and/or commissions may be declined. continually monitors search engine activity across popular engines.
If you require any further information or clarification of whether your activity may contravene these terms, please do not hesitate to contact the affiliate team or

Display URLs
Publishers are NOT permitted to use the word ‘megabus’ or “stagecoach” in their display URLs in any text ad, for example: ‘’, ‘’,
‘’ You are NOT permitted to use misspellings, or upper/lower case variants. Publishers are NOT permitted to use megabus in the text ad copy.

Landing Pages
All clicks must first land on the publisher’s site, and the user must click from the publisher’s site to
Clicks must never land directly on
Overlays and masked URLs are NOT permitted.

Email Affiliates wishes to work with email affiliates on our programme. E-mail creative is available on request and must be signed off in advance by the megabus affiliate team.

Offensive or Explicit Material
Affiliates whose sites may include any offensive or explicit material are not eligible to join the megabus affiliate programme and any affiliates found using such material will be suspended from using the megabus brand and may have their commission declined.

Megabus also have a Search Engine Advertising policy which can be found under the documents section of their Darwin profile.