At Flight Centre we are long-haul, tailor-made holiday specialists offering amazing travel experiences. In fact, we’re so much more than your average travel agent, and a big part of that is down to our lovely humans.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Commissions are paid on the value of the order once discounts have been removed. Please note, commission is also not paid on VAT.


Commissions are paid on gross Holidays and Flights value; Should the Holiday/flight not take place for any reason e.g., cancelled then the order will not qualify for commission. 

Commissions are only paid on sales from affiliates, adverts, or campaigns that meet the minimum requirements specified in the Flight Centre terms and conditions. Any activity that results in a sale that does not meet these requirements will be rejected.


Commissions are paid on last click and non-direct sales. However, sales involving an affiliate click will be rejected if a click from a Flight Centre PPC marketing channel is also present in the customer's attribution path. 


Commissions are only paid on sales in which both Awin and The Flight Centre are able to drop a cookie. Any sales tracked by any other method are not recognised by The Flight Centre and cannot be rewarded via commission. It is the affiliate’s responsibility to ensure the traffic they refer can be tracked via both Awin and The Flight Centre prior to setting live a Flight Centre campaign. Flight Centre will not consider any applications for compensation post campaign due to sales tracked in alternative ways.


Flight Centre do reward cross device transactions irrespective of the position of the affiliate click in the customer journey. Cross device transactions will only be considered using the Awin cross device tracking product, any other product is not recognised by Flight Centre.


Flight Centre affiliate programme works on a 30-day cookie window. As long as a click from a Flight Centre PPC marketing channel is not present in the attribution path, you will be rewarded for transactions that occurred up to 30 days after your click took place.


Commission Structure

It is the preference of Flight Centre to build bespoke commission deals with each publisher. Please feel free to reach out to our Affiliates Manager via email at


Voucher Code Affiliates – Please contact our Affiliate Manager for Voucher codes:

No affiliate has permission to alter any existing creative or produce their own creative to promote Flight Centre upon any of their communication methods. Flight Centre are willing to consider briefs from affiliates to produce compliant creative in-house. However, all briefs must be submitted 14 days in advance of the campaign going live otherwise it will not be possible for Flight Centre to support. Affiliates may put live banners, copy, links, and other form of creative should they send it through to Flight Centre for approval in advance. Affiliates must give Flight Centre 7 days notice to turn around approvals. Any affiliate found to be using creative which has not been either produced or approved by Flight Centre will have 24 hours to remove or risk being removed from the programme and having commissions declined for the period.


Flight Centre operates a strict two strikes rule whereby if an affiliate is found to be hosting incompliant content more than twice in three months, they will face immediate suspension.


All affiliates running a planned Flight Centre campaign or advert must feature an end date. If the affiliate does not feature the end date, any tenancies or commission increases will be reversed, and the campaign will be cancelled immediately.


Affiliates are requested to make every effort to maintain the most current pricing information in their promotions.



It is important all cashback partners clearly state the below terms and conditions when promoting Flight Centre cashback to their members:


Cashback will be rejected should it be redeemed in conjunction with a voucher code

Cashback will only be rewarded should the user purchase from Flight Centre immediately after activating the cashback. Should the user visit another marketing channel between activating cashback and purchasing, the cashback will be declined. It is advisable you recommend your users activate the cashback and purchase within the same session.

Cashback is not paid on VAT, or delivery.

Cashback will be paid on departure date. Any manual transaction queries need to be raised after the departure date to be reviewed otherwise they will be declined.

Disputed transactions will only be considered should the user submit a valid order reference/ID and transaction amount with their claim

New customers must register and make a purchase via the affiliate in the same session to qualify for new customer cashback is permitted. would not be permitted.


Title tags:

Affiliates must not use “” in the HTML title tag.


Affiliates should also not use any term or phrase which would indicate the affiliate’s website is the ‘official’ Flight Centre website, e.g., “Shop online at Flight Centre”, “Flight Centre website” etc.


Site scraping

All affiliates must request prior permission before scraping the Flight Centre site. To be considered please provide list of IP addresses you will scrape from, times you want to scrape and speed at which your will crawl the site


Representation of Flight


Affiliates should make it clear when promoting Flight that they are not the official Flight website; this includes but is not limited to the creation of mobile applications.


Publishers may not use any former brand names in any copy displayed about Flight Centre on their site, including, but not limited to; Flight or au/ ca or any other domains.


Publishers cannot, under any circumstances use the product feed to advertise on Google Shopping (http:// In the event that an affiliate is found in breach of this term, the person concerned will be removed from the programme.


You agree not to put the Flight Centre website into Frames or use masked URLs.


You agree not to run ‘Add to Favourite’ pop ups or campaigns on your site that lead the consumer to believe they are bookmarking the official www.Flight site.


You agree to allow users to navigate your site using the browser back button.


You agree not to include links or banners in any form of email or newsletter without the prior consent of the affiliate manager from Flight Centre. Flight Centre must receive written confirmation that any emails or newsletters sent are ‘opt in’ emails, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


You agree not to use Flight Centre banners or links as Pop ups or Pop unders to your site.


You agree not to use the product data feed to generate pop unders from your site in the form of spawning. This is the practice of displaying a pop under of a specific product page from the Flight Centre site, which is relevant to the search term used on a Search engine.


You agree not to alter any of the creative or logos presented in the Awin interface and to only use those that are available.


Awin actively search affiliates using Malware, Spyware and Adware. Any affiliate found actively using these methods will be removed from the programme, and their sales will be rejected.


You agree to send Flight Centre the copy you plan to use in any solus (Flight Centre themed) emails at least one week prior to sending. No solus email can be sent without approval from the Flight Centre affiliate team.


Unsuitable Content

By entering an affiliation with Flight Centre, you comply with the following:


My Site does not promote sexually explicit, violent, or defamatory material nor does it promote illegal activities

My Site does not promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, natural origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, or age.

My sites do not promote any politics or have any political agenda

My site does not promote gambling or gambling services. 


If you have any further questions, please free to reach out to the Affiliate team. 


Updated 28th February 2023.