The Great Courses makes the joy of lifelong learning accessible to everyone through 800+ courses on exciting topics in science, history, literature, food and wine, fine arts, professional and personal growth, and more—available anytime, anywhere.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Search Engine Optimization Terms

**SEM** Any Affiliates bidding on The Great Courses branded search terms may be immediately excluded from the program at advertiser’s discretion. **SEO** Any SEO optimization on The Great Courses branded search terms is only permitted for terms with the word coupon or discount in them.


Trademark Terms and Keywords

Affiliates may not use The Great Courses trademark in the root of their domain. For instance, these domains are strictly prohibited:,,


Allowable domain:


Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on trademarked/branded terms, as well as misspellings/variations thereof, including, but not limited to: The Great Courses, The Great Courses LLC,, The Teaching Company, The Teaching Company, LLC, The Great Courses Coupon Code...etc. In order to avoid any keyword matching issues, affiliates must add those keywords as negative broad match to any and all Paid Search activity.

Affiliates may not use any illegal, deceptive or misleading claims in any text or copy regarding The Great Courses products, our website or organization. Affiliates are also prohibited from including the phrase "Official Site", official language, or trademark symbols in ad copy. Affiliates may not include or any misspelling or variation in any text or copy.