For 30 years, we've been cooking and delivering delicious frozen meals for you to enjoy whenever you like. There are over 340 tasty dishes to choose from, hand-delivered by local drivers who are reliable, friendly and here to help you.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


PPC Restrictions:

We ask that affiliates do not bid on the brand name ‘Wiltshire Farm Foods, misspellings or variations on all search engines and similar services. This includes (but is not restricted to):

Wiltshire Farm Foods
Wilshire Farm Foods

We also ask that affiliates refrain from direct linking, using our URL ( as the display URL or using the Wiltshire Farm Foods brand name, misspellings or variations within the copy of any PPC advertising.

Affiliates found bidding on restricted terms may have pending transactions cancelled or face temporary suspension from the programme.

Within these restrictions, we encourage all other PPC activity (e.g. using generic terms with landing pages).

Should your site contain any of the following, you will not be eligible to join the Wiltshire Farm Foods Affiliate Program:

Hate/offensive/violent content
Pornographic content
Religious content
Abusive or irresponsible promotion of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
Use of the word "sex" gratuitously or excessively